Ido L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(10 Wards )

Aba emo/ilaju/alako

(5 Polling Booths )
Alako open space (PU: 30/14/01/004)
Eleyele open space (PU: 30/14/01/005)
Ilaju open space (PU: 30/14/01/001)
Onifufuu comm. primary school (PU: 30/14/01/003)
Open space aba emo (PU: 30/14/01/002)


(6 Polling Booths )
Open space morakinyo (PU: 30/14/03/006)
Open space olokogboro (PU: 30/14/03/003)
Open space onigbinde (PU: 30/14/03/004)
Open space, akinware (PU: 30/14/03/005)
Primary school, akindele (PU: 30/14/03/001)
Primary school, elesinfunfun (PU: 30/14/03/002)


(6 Polling Booths )
Comm. primary school, araromi (PU: 30/14/02/006)
Open space abigbinde (PU: 30/14/02/002)
Open space alajata (PU: 30/14/02/003)
Open space latayo (PU: 30/14/02/004)
Open space oko esu (PU: 30/14/02/005)
Saint mathew primary school, akufo (PU: 30/14/02/001)

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(12 Polling Booths )
I.d.c. primary school, awotan (PU: 30/14/04/006)
Open space agbaje (PU: 30/14/04/003)
Open space apete, mechanic village (PU: 30/14/04/012)
Open space idi igbaro (PU: 30/14/04/005)
Open space, apete (PU: 30/14/04/002)
Open space, apete (behind transformer) (PU: 30/14/04/011)
Open space, lawoyin (PU: 30/14/04/010)
Open space, odebode (PU: 30/14/04/008)
Open space, oloro (PU: 30/14/04/007)
Open space, onigbodogi (PU: 30/14/04/009)
Primary school, idi oro elewe (PU: 30/14/04/004)
Saint peter school, apete (PU: 30/14/04/001)


(8 Polling Booths )
I.d.c. primary school, idi-iya (PU: 30/14/05/001)
Open space, abule ayo (PU: 30/14/05/006)
Open space, batake (PU: 30/14/05/003)
Open space, ladunni (PU: 30/14/05/004)
Open space, ladunni (PU: 30/14/05/008)
Open space, oloruntedo (PU: 30/14/05/007)
Open space, onisage (PU: 30/14/05/002)
Open space, sonso (PU: 30/14/05/005)


(7 Polling Booths )
Baptist primary school, odetola (PU: 30/14/06/001)
Open space araromi idowu (PU: 30/14/06/005)
Open space, aba oko (PU: 30/14/06/002)
Open space, koguo (PU: 30/14/06/003)
Open space, latunji (PU: 30/14/06/006)
Primary school, erinwusi (PU: 30/14/06/004)
Primary school, fasan (PU: 30/14/06/007)


(8 Polling Booths )
Comm. high school, elenusonso (PU: 30/14/07/001)
Comm. primary school, oganla (PU: 30/14/07/005)
Ogba-gba open space (PU: 30/14/07/008)
Open space alafara (PU: 30/14/07/006)
Open space, fenwa (PU: 30/14/07/007)
Open space, odufemi (PU: 30/14/07/002)
Open space, oloje (PU: 30/14/07/003)
Primary school, lasokun araromi (PU: 30/14/07/004)

Ido/onikede/okuna awo

(4 Polling Booths )
Court hall, ido (PU: 30/14/08/002)
N.u.d. primary school, ido (PU: 30/14/08/001)
Onikede primary school (PU: 30/14/08/003)
Open space, okuna awo (PU: 30/14/08/004)


(13 Polling Booths )
Idi ahun open space (PU: 30/14/10/009)
Ojimi primary school (PU: 30/14/10/010)
Oloko open space (PU: 30/14/10/007)
Open space oloya (PU: 30/14/10/008)
Open space, alexander (PU: 30/14/10/013)
Open space, balogun alahusa (PU: 30/14/10/002)
Open space, benbo (PU: 30/14/10/012)
Open space, ogundele alaho (PU: 30/14/10/004)
Open space, oke alaro (PU: 30/14/10/003)
Open space, onidoko (PU: 30/14/10/001)
Primary school, ajobo ido (PU: 30/14/10/011)
Primary school, ateere (PU: 30/14/10/005)
Siba primary school, siba (PU: 30/14/10/006)

Omi adio/omi onigbagbo bakatari

(12 Polling Booths )
Christ primary school, bakatari (PU: 30/14/09/007)
Hope central school, omi adio (PU: 30/14/09/003)
I.d.c. primary school, erinkoja obe (PU: 30/14/09/006)
Islamic primary school, omi abidogun (PU: 30/14/09/004)
Open space bode igbo (PU: 30/14/09/005)
Open space owode estate (PU: 30/14/09/012)
Open space, aba araba (PU: 30/14/09/008)
Primary school, alakaso (PU: 30/14/09/009)
Primary school, omi onigbagbo (PU: 30/14/09/010)
Primary school, open space, bako (PU: 30/14/09/011)
Saint andrew primary school, omi adio i (PU: 30/14/09/001)
Saint andrew primary school, omi adio ii (PU: 30/14/09/002)

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