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Igalamela Odolu L.G.A Polling Units/Wards


Ajaka  Ward

(16 Polling Booths )
Fed. poly/ okenya i & ii lgea school okenya (PU: 22/08/07/016)
Fed. poly/okenya i & ii, lgea sch. okenya (PU: 22/08/07/002)
Ibochi i & ii, open space, ibochi (PU: 22/08/07/013)
Lgea sch. ajaka (PU: 22/08/07/009)
Obakolo/ lgea sch. obakolo (PU: 22/08/07/006)
Ofuloko/etemahi, open space, ofuloko (PU: 22/08/07/007)
Ojuwo-afu/iyogbo, opp. high court, ojuwo-afu (PU: 22/08/07/001)
Okpachala/ukpolo, lgea sch. okpachala (PU: 22/08/07/005)
Old court, ajaka (PU: 22/08/07/011)
Open space ojofa (PU: 22/08/07/015)
Open space, aya (PU: 22/08/07/014)
Open space, egbolo (PU: 22/08/07/004)
Open space, oguma (PU: 22/08/07/010)
Open space, okpakpata (PU: 22/08/07/008)
Open space, orunu (PU: 22/08/07/003)
Otobo amanyi, ajaja – open space otobo (PU: 22/08/07/012)

Ajaka ii Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Acss/ugbatugba, open space, ugbatugba i (PU: 22/08/08/001)
Acss/ugbatugba, open space, ugbatugba ii (PU: 22/08/08/010)
Aiyekpele i & ii open space, aiyekpele (PU: 22/08/08/002)
Ikare i & ii open space, ikare (PU: 22/08/08/003)
Ogbogba/ofudu, open space, ogbogba (PU: 22/08/08/005)
Open space, alaba (PU: 22/08/08/007)
Open space, imakoja (PU: 22/08/08/006)
Open space, ofanwa (PU: 22/08/08/008)
Open space, ojokuta (PU: 22/08/08/009)
Open space, okochogbe (PU: 22/08/08/004)

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Akpanya Ward

(11 Polling Booths )
Lgea sch. ajobi (PU: 22/08/05/003)
Lgea school, ijagodo (PU: 22/08/05/005)
Ogboligbo/anegbo, open space, ogboligbo (PU: 22/08/05/010)
Ojiakpanya/ubiaji, open space, ojiakpanya (PU: 22/08/05/007)
Opanda enugu/ogboyaga, lgea sch. opanda enugu (PU: 22/08/05/008)
Open space, agbedo i (PU: 22/08/05/001)
Open space, agbedo ii (PU: 22/08/05/002)
Open space, agbokete (PU: 22/08/05/006)
Open space, ajekete/agaira (PU: 22/08/05/011)
Open space, odumogu (PU: 22/08/05/004)
Oyo/ojuwo/ lgea sch. oyo (PU: 22/08/05/009)

Ekwuloko Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Agbatebe/ugwogwo, open space, agbatebe (PU: 22/08/02/003)
Ekwuloko/edonoba/opotoku, open space ekwuloko (PU: 22/08/02/001)
Lgea sch. ameke (PU: 22/08/02/004)
Lgea school, obinagwu (PU: 22/08/02/002)
Open space, abutu-ogbe (PU: 22/08/02/007)

Avrugo Ward

Open space, okpanabili (PU: 22/08/02/008)
Open space, otikpatikpa (PU: 22/08/02/006)
Open space, ukpabioko (PU: 22/08/02/005)

(7 Polling Booths )
Nokwa lgea sch. nokwa (PU: 22/08/01/003)
Onugidi open space, onugidi (PU: 22/08/01/005)
Owereze/ekutuoba, lgea sch. owereze (PU: 22/08/01/004)
Ozara/ihogbune/amohuru, open space, ozara (PU: 22/08/01/006)
Umochina ii, open space, umochina (PU: 22/08/01/002)
Umochina i, lgea sch. umochina (PU: 22/08/01/001)
Umuchina iii lgea school umuchina (PU: 22/08/01/007)

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Odolu Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Open space, ajitata (PU: 22/08/03/003)
Open space, alakwa (PU: 22/08/03/008)
Open space, barracks angwa (PU: 22/08/03/006)
Open space, egabada (PU: 22/08/03/002)
Open space, market square, odolu (PU: 22/08/03/005)
Open space, ojegbe/ogbolimi (PU: 22/08/03/009)
Open space, olajioba (PU: 22/08/03/007)
Open space, olajuna (PU: 22/08/03/004)
Open space, ukponoji (PU: 22/08/03/001)

Oforachi i Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Agbanaka/olofu/ojokuta, open space, agbanaka (PU: 22/08/09/002)
Apata/new iyegwu, open space apata (PU: 22/08/09/001)
Oforachi i open space (PU: 22/08/09/008)
Okeku/open space, okeku (PU: 22/08/09/004)
Open space, emachi-oko (PU: 22/08/09/005)
Open space, okotikpa (PU: 22/08/09/007)
Open space, olichekpe (PU: 22/08/09/006)
Utoru/ ogboubo/ uwowo open space ogboubo ii (PU: 22/08/09/009)
Utoru/ogbogbo/ uwowo open space, ogbogbo i (PU: 22/08/09/003)

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Oforachi ii Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Abolinyanyana/ofejiji (ajale) open space, ofejiji (PU: 22/08/10/007)
Ikefi/uragada/ofobu, open space, ikefi (PU: 22/08/10/001)
Lgea school, oforachi ii (PU: 22/08/10/008)
Ofodo/okaku/okainwili, open space, okainwili (PU: 22/08/10/006)
Open space, ajodanwu (PU: 22/08/10/004)
Open space, ihiame (PU: 22/08/10/002)
Open space, okula-ameji (PU: 22/08/10/009)
Open space, ugbedomagu (PU: 22/08/10/005)
Uwodu/ojomaji, open space, uwodu (PU: 22/08/10/003)

Oji-aji Ward

(5 Polling Booths )
Akolo/ajafu, open space, akolo (PU: 22/08/04/002)
Ofoda, open space (PU: 22/08/04/003)
Ollah, open space (PU: 22/08/04/004)
Ugwogwo, open space (PU: 22/08/04/005)
Unene/alla ogugu/ugwaka/okotobo, open space, unene (PU: 22/08/04/001)

Kogi State Zip Code

Ubele Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Amaka/ejugwu, open space amaka (PU: 22/08/06/002)
Edimego/ipabacha, lgea sch. edimego (PU: 22/08/06/006)
Open seace, igolijo (PU: 22/08/06/001)
Open space, igebije (PU: 22/08/06/004)
Open space, ochibitako (PU: 22/08/06/005)
Open space, ugbugbu (PU: 22/08/06/003)

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