Ikom L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(11 Wards )

Abanyum Ward

(15 Polling Booths )
Market square nkarasi i (PU: 09/11/01/009)
Play ground ababkabg (PU: 09/11/01/014)
Play ground abinti i (PU: 09/11/01/007)
Play ground abinti ii (PU: 09/11/01/008)
Play ground akumabal (PU: 09/11/01/006)
Play ground ekpatala (PU: 09/11/01/004)
Play ground etikpe (PU: 09/11/01/011)
Play ground nkarasi ii (PU: 09/11/01/010)
Play ground nkonfab (PU: 09/11/01/012)
Play ground nkum (PU: 09/11/01/013)
Playground, akomba (PU: 09/11/01/003)
Playground, ekonde (PU: 09/11/01/002)
Primary school edor (PU: 09/11/01/001)
Primary school nkim/nkum (PU: 09/11/01/005)
Town hall, akumabal (PU: 09/11/01/015)

Akparabong Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Bus stop akparabong (PU: 09/11/02/002)
Onicha farm settlement (PU: 09/11/02/001)
Play ground nturokim (PU: 09/11/02/005)
Play ground ogbagante (PU: 09/11/02/006)
Play ground olokpo (PU: 09/11/02/007)
Playground, nkpanjen (PU: 09/11/02/003)
Primary school, balep i (PU: 09/11/02/010)
Primary school, balep ii (PU: 09/11/02/011)
Primary school, opu (PU: 09/11/02/009)
Town hall abanko (PU: 09/11/02/008)
Town hall nkanacha (PU: 09/11/02/004)
Town hall nkpanjen (PU: 09/11/02/012)

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Ikom urban i Ward 

(24 Polling Booths )
34 ochorore st. f/corners (PU: 09/11/03/015)
Alpha filling station (PU: 09/11/03/017)
Asenasen town hall (PU: 09/11/03/003)
Bisogho play ground (PU: 09/11/03/002)
Bokomo town hall (PU: 09/11/03/004)
Enoghi town hall i (PU: 09/11/03/008)
Enoghi town hall ii (PU: 09/11/03/009)
Hausa quarters (PU: 09/11/03/006)
Holy child convent school (PU: 09/11/03/005)
In front of chief mgbe compound, convent road (PU: 09/11/03/024)
Isabang town hall (PU: 09/11/03/007)
Market square ikom town (PU: 09/11/03/010)
Mgbagatiti play ground (PU: 09/11/03/001)
New bokomo street 4/corners (PU: 09/11/03/011)
No.12 ani street off obudu road (PU: 09/11/03/016)
No.32 ndifon odu street f/c/ (PU: 09/11/03/012)
No.7 old etomiroad (PU: 09/11/03/020)
No.76 ogoja road 4/corners (PU: 09/11/03/019)
Okondi play ground (PU: 09/11/03/018)
Old army barracks gate (PU: 09/11/03/013)
Otere farm settlement (PU: 09/11/03/023)
Play ground iyawende (PU: 09/11/03/022)
Primary school asy-egbe (PU: 09/11/03/014)
Primary school, grass field (PU: 09/11/03/021)

Ikom urban ii Ward 

(4 Polling Booths )
Adijinkpor farm settlement (PU: 09/11/04/004)
Open space adijinkpor (PU: 09/11/04/002)
Play ground adijinkpor ii (PU: 09/11/04/003)
Playground, adijinkpor i (PU: 09/11/04/001)

Nde Ward 

(17 Polling Booths )
Bus stop, nde (PU: 09/11/05/006)
Mammy market mgbaka (PU: 09/11/05/015)
Market square ntonaton/anagha (PU: 09/11/05/017)
Play ground ayughasa (PU: 09/11/05/010)
Play ground egonorkoe/esaji (PU: 09/11/05/008)
Play ground etakor (PU: 09/11/05/007)
Play ground ii etanawana (PU: 09/11/05/016)
Play ground mbenkpen (PU: 09/11/05/004)
Play ground nwande/ofafum (PU: 09/11/05/012)
Play ground, ejirawor (PU: 09/11/05/011)
Play ground, nkonaten/anagha (PU: 09/11/05/002)
Play ground, nsak (PU: 09/11/05/009)
Playground, etanawana (PU: 09/11/05/001)
Primary school mgbaka mkpiri (PU: 09/11/05/013)
Primary school nde 3 corners (PU: 09/11/05/005)
Town hall mgbaka (PU: 09/11/05/014)
Town hall nkonaton/anagha ii (PU: 09/11/05/003)

Nnam Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Play ground abilti (PU: 09/11/06/004)
Play ground akorofono (PU: 09/11/06/006)
Play ground nyarenkpo (PU: 09/11/06/007)
Play ground ogomogom (PU: 09/11/06/008)
Play ground, mande/nkleta (PU: 09/11/06/005)
Playground emaghabe (PU: 09/11/06/003)
Playground nlul (PU: 09/11/06/001)
Playground, alok (PU: 09/11/06/002)
Town hall, alok (PU: 09/11/06/009)

Nta/nselle Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Play ground adunta (PU: 09/11/07/007)
Play ground naborokpa (PU: 09/11/07/012)
Play ground ngo/ntrigon (PU: 09/11/07/008)
Play ground nto (PU: 09/11/07/006)
Play ground, ekpatala (PU: 09/11/07/005)
Play ground, nkruabong (PU: 09/11/07/009)
Play ground, nkurufa (PU: 09/11/07/011)
Play ground, oyenghi (PU: 09/11/07/013)
Play ground, eyanga (PU: 09/11/07/014)
Playground emeakpen (PU: 09/11/07/003)
Playground lebenjok (PU: 09/11/07/004)
Playground, abinti (PU: 09/11/07/002)
Primary school, enjemetor (PU: 09/11/07/001)
Primary school, ofunta (PU: 09/11/07/010)

Ofutop i Ward 

(9 Polling Booths )
Akamafork play ground (PU: 09/11/08/009)
Comm. secondary school, okangha (PU: 09/11/08/005)
Customary court ela-aya (PU: 09/11/08/006)
Nnam play ground (PU: 09/11/08/008)
Play ground ela osusula (PU: 09/11/08/003)
Play ground nkpura osiela (PU: 09/11/08/007)
Play ground, nkpansi (PU: 09/11/08/001)
Playground ela ekpok nkum (PU: 09/11/08/004)
Playground, nsa nkpin (PU: 09/11/08/002)

Ofutop ii Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Play ground nsimaghe (PU: 09/11/09/008)
Play ground osusomkpor (PU: 09/11/09/007)
Play ground, mbak (PU: 09/11/09/005)
Play ground, nkpozien (PU: 09/11/09/010)
Playground adibongha (PU: 09/11/09/004)
Playground, egun okpun (PU: 09/11/09/002)
Primary school alesi (PU: 09/11/09/003)
Primary school ekukunela (PU: 09/11/09/006)
Primary school, abaragha (PU: 09/11/09/009)
Primary school, okosora (PU: 09/11/09/001)
Town hall, okosora (PU: 09/11/09/011)

Olulumo Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Bus stop akam (PU: 09/11/10/007)
Community secondary school okuni (PU: 09/11/10/010)
Play ground akam (PU: 09/11/10/008)
Play ground omon (PU: 09/11/10/005)
Play ground, emmorrow (PU: 09/11/10/006)
Playground effi i (PU: 09/11/10/003)
Playground, iyami (PU: 09/11/10/001)
Primary school, okuni compound a (PU: 09/11/10/002)
Primary school, okuni compound b (PU: 09/11/10/009)
Upper effi junction (PU: 09/11/10/004)

Yala/nkum Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Bus stop atimaka (PU: 09/11/11/007)
Play ground okoroba (PU: 09/11/11/004)
Play ground opuiji (PU: 09/11/11/005)
Play ground opuwowe (PU: 09/11/11/008)
Play ground, mbianang (PU: 09/11/11/009)
Play ground, owom (PU: 09/11/11/006)
Playground obioko (PU: 09/11/11/002)
Playground orom (PU: 09/11/11/001)
Playground, okpochi (PU: 09/11/11/003)

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