Ikono L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: 1tak

Polling Unit: 

(12 Polling Booths )
G/s, afaha obio enwang (PU: 03/12/11/001)
Holy child sch, nung udoe, itak (PU: 03/12/11/002)
Pry sch, ikot efre (PU: 03/12/11/009)
St augustine’s sch, ukpap itak (PU: 03/12/11/004)
Village hall, afaha itak (PU: 03/12/11/005)
Village hall, ekpemiong (PU: 03/12/11/011)
Village hall, ikot eduek (PU: 03/12/11/007)
Village hall, ikot udofia (PU: 03/12/11/008)
Village hall, nung okoro (PU: 03/12/11/010)
Village hall, ukpap ekpan (PU: 03/12/11/006)
Village square, ukpap ikot idang (PU: 03/12/11/012)
Xtian sch, obio itak (PU: 03/12/11/003)

Ward: Ediene 1

Polling Unit

(14 Polling Booths )
Bus stop, udok atai (PU: 03/12/09/004)
Court hall, uyo obio (PU: 03/12/09/002)
Ediene comm sec sch, aka ekpem/ikot ayan (PU: 03/12/09/010)
G/s , aka ekpeme (PU: 03/12/09/006)
G/s , uyo afaha nkan (PU: 03/12/09/007)
Market square, ediene atai (PU: 03/12/09/008)
St joseph’s sch, uyo obio (PU: 03/12/09/001)
Village hall, afaha ediene (PU: 03/12/09/009)
Village hall, ikot akpan udo (PU: 03/12/09/005)
Village hall, ikot ediene (PU: 03/12/09/014)
Village hall, ikot inyang (PU: 03/12/09/013)
Village hall, ikot okubo (PU: 03/12/09/011)
Village hall, ikot udo enang (PU: 03/12/09/012)
Village hall,usuk ediene (PU: 03/12/09/003)

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Ward: Ediene 11

Polling Unit:

(13 Polling Booths )
G/s, edem eyere (PU: 03/12/10/004)
G/s, obio ediene (PU: 03/12/10/001)
P.c.n ekpene, ediene (PU: 03/12/10/011)
Sec sch, usuk ediene (PU: 03/12/10/002)
Village hall ekpene, ediene mbat (PU: 03/12/10/012)
Village hall, idoro ediene (PU: 03/12/10/013)
Village hall, edem eyere (PU: 03/12/10/005)
Village hall, ekpene ediene ikot ntia (PU: 03/12/10/008)
Village hall, okopedi ibianang (PU: 03/12/10/007)
Village square, atan ibianang (PU: 03/12/10/006)
Village square, etip ediene (PU: 03/12/10/009)
Village square, ikot antem (PU: 03/12/10/003)
Village square, ikot onwon (PU: 03/12/10/010)

Ward:  Ikono middle 1

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Customary court, nung ukim (PU: 03/12/01/001)
G/s mbiafun nkwono (PU: 03/12/01/007)
G/s ikot etefia (PU: 03/12/01/006)
Pry sch, ikot uko (PU: 03/12/01/003)
Sch of rem. studies, nung ukim (PU: 03/12/01/002)
Village hall, ikot abia (PU: 03/12/01/010)
Village hall, ikot akpaetok (PU: 03/12/01/009)
Village hall, ikot okorie (PU: 03/12/01/005)
Village hall, ikot udom (PU: 03/12/01/004)
Village hall, ndiya etok (PU: 03/12/01/008)

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Ward: Ikono middle 11

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Civic centre, oduk (PU: 03/12/02/006)
G/s iton odoro (PU: 03/12/02/004)
Meth. sch, mbiok ikot odung i (PU: 03/12/02/007)
Meth. sch, mbiok ikot odung ii (PU: 03/12/02/008)
Village hall, asanting atan (PU: 03/12/02/002)
Village hall, asanting ikot efredie (PU: 03/12/02/001)
Village hall, asanting nkwono (PU: 03/12/02/003)
Village hall, etok iton (PU: 03/12/02/009)
Village hall, itak ikot akpandem (PU: 03/12/02/010)
Women dev. centre, itak ikot akpandem (PU: 03/12/02/005)

Ward: Ikono middle 111

Polling Unit:

(9 Polling Booths )
Council hall, ibiaku ntok okpo i (PU: 03/12/03/001)
Council hall, ibiaku ntok okpo ii (PU: 03/12/03/002)
G/s ibiaku ikot ukana (PU: 03/12/03/005)
Market square, ibiaku ntok okpo (PU: 03/12/03/003)
Urban sec sch ibiaku (PU: 03/12/03/007)
Village hall, ibiaku ata (PU: 03/12/03/004)
Village hall, ndiya mfia (PU: 03/12/03/006)
Village square, mbiaobong ekpene oton i (PU: 03/12/03/008)
Village square, mbiaobong ekpene oton ii (PU: 03/12/03/009)

Ward: Ikono middle 1v

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Luth sch, itak ikot akap (PU: 03/12/04/003)
Pry sch mbiabong ukan ikot nung (PU: 03/12/04/010)
Pry sch, ibesikpo/mbiabong (PU: 03/12/04/007)
Unity high sch, mbiabong ukan (PU: 03/12/04/001)
Village hall, ikot akpan ntim (PU: 03/12/04/002)
Village hall, ikot mbiam (PU: 03/12/04/006)
Village hall, mbioku ikot abasi (PU: 03/12/04/008)
Village square, ikot edem udo (PU: 03/12/04/004)
Village square, mbiabong ikot etefia (PU: 03/12/04/005)
Village square, mbiafun ikot ntia (PU: 03/12/04/009)

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Ward: Ikono south

Polling Unit:

(22 Polling Booths )
Comp. sec sch, ukpom i (PU: 03/12/05/011)
Comp. sec sch, ukpom ii (PU: 03/12/05/012)
Luth sch ikot nyoh (PU: 03/12/05/019)
Luth sch ukpom anwana (PU: 03/12/05/006)
Luth sch ukpom ita (PU: 03/12/05/013)
Luth. sch ekpene inuen (PU: 03/12/05/010)
Luth. sch, usung ubom (PU: 03/12/05/002)
Meth central sch, ukpom anwana (PU: 03/12/05/003)
Meth sch, ukpom ikot ntuen (PU: 03/12/05/001)
St patricks’ sch, ikot ette udoe (PU: 03/12/05/022)
Village hall, ekpene obom atai essien (PU: 03/12/05/014)
Village hall, ibakesi ikot edem udo (PU: 03/12/05/015)
Village hall, ikot omonyon (PU: 03/12/05/017)
Village hall, ikot akpakpan (PU: 03/12/05/004)
Village hall, ikot anwana abasi (PU: 03/12/05/008)
Village hall, ikot anwana asanga usung (PU: 03/12/05/007)
Village hall, ikot ekan (PU: 03/12/05/016)
Village hall, ikot etim (PU: 03/12/05/005)
Village hall, ikot udo essien (PU: 03/12/05/009)
Village hall, mbiaobong ikot ntia (PU: 03/12/05/021)
Village hall, nung eduo (PU: 03/12/05/018)
Village hall, ukpom unya (PU: 03/12/05/020)

Ward: Ndiya/ikot idana

Polling Unit:

(17 Polling Booths )
Customary court, ibok ndiya (PU: 03/12/08/016)
Group sch, ikot akpayara (PU: 03/12/08/008)
Luth sch, ikot akpaedok i (PU: 03/12/08/010)
Luth sch, ikot akpaedok ii (PU: 03/12/08/011)
Meth sch ikot ayan (PU: 03/12/08/012)
Meth. sch ikot odu (PU: 03/12/08/014)
Pry sch, ikot idaha (PU: 03/12/08/002)
Urua eto kiet hall (PU: 03/12/08/001)
Village hall, ibiaku ikot edet (PU: 03/12/08/003)
Village hall, ikot akpa edt ndiya (PU: 03/12/08/013)
Village hall, ikot akpa ekpuk (PU: 03/12/08/017)
Village hall, ikot akpan ndiya (PU: 03/12/08/009)
Village hall, ikot enua (PU: 03/12/08/005)
Village hall, ikot obio edi (PU: 03/12/08/004)
Village hall, nkara obio i (PU: 03/12/08/006)
Village hall, nkara obio ii (PU: 03/12/08/007)
Village square, ikot akpa idem (PU: 03/12/08/015)

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Ward: Nkwot 1

Polling Unit:

(17 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot udo (PU: 03/12/06/010)
St mary’s sch, ikot nseyen i (PU: 03/12/06/003)
St mary’s sch, ikot nseyen ii (PU: 03/12/06/004)
Village hall, abak oduot (PU: 03/12/06/008)
Village hall, ikot abia (PU: 03/12/06/013)
Village hall, ikot idomo (PU: 03/12/06/014)
Village hall, ikot nseyen (PU: 03/12/06/005)
Village hall, ikot obio ata i (PU: 03/12/06/011)
Village hall, ikot obio ata ii (PU: 03/12/06/012)
Village square, ikot akpan inyang (PU: 03/12/06/009)
Village square, ikot essien (PU: 03/12/06/002)
Village square, ikot nkwo (PU: 03/12/06/016)
Village square, ikot nya (PU: 03/12/06/015)
Village square, ikot umo (PU: 03/12/06/017)
Village square, nung inuen (PU: 03/12/06/007)
Village square, okpoyo (PU: 03/12/06/001)
Xtian sch, nung imo (PU: 03/12/06/006)

Ward: Nkwot 11

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Market square, edem edet nung enie (PU: 03/12/07/007)
Market square, ikot ette (PU: 03/12/07/002)
Market square, ikot okpo (PU: 03/12/07/010)
Pry sch, ikot akpa isiak (PU: 03/12/07/004)
Pry sch, nkwot nko (PU: 03/12/07/006)
Village hall, ikot obok idem (PU: 03/12/07/005)
Village hall, mmong (PU: 03/12/07/001)
Village square, edem edet nung eyio (PU: 03/12/07/008)
Village square, ikot umo essien (PU: 03/12/07/003)
Village square, iton ikot ito (PU: 03/12/07/009)

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