Ilesa West L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ayeso Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
L.a school ogbon egbe (PU: 29/19/10/004)
Methodist primary school, oke- ese i (PU: 29/19/10/002)
Methodist primary school, oke- ese ii (PU: 29/19/10/003)
Oke iyin open space (PU: 29/19/10/005)
Open space around loro’s house (PU: 29/19/10/001)
Open space oke iyin lane (PU: 29/19/10/009)
Space near police barrack i (PU: 29/19/10/006)
Space near police barrack ii (PU: 29/19/10/007)
Space near police barrack iii (PU: 29/19/10/008)
St. james primary school, oke – iyin (PU: 29/19/10/010)

Ereja Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Cocoa store itabalogun (PU: 29/19/09/002)
Ogboni’s area i (PU: 29/19/09/008)
Ogboni’s area ii (PU: 29/19/09/009)
Open space opp. mosque (PU: 29/19/09/010)
Post office (PU: 29/19/09/003)
Space around market place (PU: 29/19/09/005)
Space beside banuso (PU: 29/19/09/006)
Tipper owners (PU: 29/19/09/004)
Town hall (PU: 29/19/09/001)
Town planning area (PU: 29/19/09/007)

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Ikoti/araromi Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
African jubilee pry. school, ikoyi (PU: 29/19/06/001)
Beside jehoval nisi african pry. school i (PU: 29/19/06/008)
Beside jehoval nisi african pry. school ii (PU: 29/19/06/009)
O line ita ofa junction i (PU: 29/19/06/005)
O line ita ofa junction ii (PU: 29/19/06/006)
Open space around alakata’s house (PU: 29/19/06/002)
P line junction enu odi ikoyi (PU: 29/19/06/007)
Space near odole’s house i (PU: 29/19/06/003)
Space near odole’s house ii (PU: 29/19/06/004)

Ilaje Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Frontage of nud. pry. school, moroko road (PU: 29/19/07/001)
Imadin area near akinniyi’s house (PU: 29/19/07/010)
Imadin junction (PU: 29/19/07/007)
Loriomo ilaje (meth. school area) (PU: 29/19/07/006)
Meth. pry. school, loriomo ilaje (PU: 29/19/07/009)
Ogedengbe comm. high school (PU: 29/19/07/004)
Old school of health technology (PU: 29/19/07/003)
Open space alaje’s house (PU: 29/19/07/005)
Space near end of tarred road, isale gen. (PU: 29/19/07/002)
St. peter’s frontage (PU: 29/19/07/008)

Isida/adeti Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Adeti/esira strean bank area (PU: 29/19/08/004)
African pry. schol, aragan (PU: 29/19/08/001)
Isida mechanic workshop (PU: 29/19/08/006)
L.a. dispensary adeti i (PU: 29/19/08/002)
L.a. dispensary adeti ii (PU: 29/19/08/003)
Odo agbede (PU: 29/19/08/007)
Opposite baseeni’s house ( open space) (PU: 29/19/08/008)
Space around esira’s chieftancy house (PU: 29/19/08/005)

Isokun Ward

(12 Polling Booths )
African church grammar school, area (PU: 29/19/05/010)
Faith foundation n & p school ii (PU: 29/19/05/012)
Faith foundation n & p school i (PU: 29/19/05/011)
George burton college i (PU: 29/19/05/006)
George burton college ii (PU: 29/19/05/007)
Isokun maternity area (PU: 29/19/05/002)
L.a. pry school, isokun i (PU: 29/19/05/008)
L.a. pry. school, isokun ii (PU: 29/19/05/009)
Oke omiru mechanic workshop (PU: 29/19/05/005)
Salvation army pry. school (PU: 29/19/05/003)
Temidire pry. school, frontage (PU: 29/19/05/001)
Zumuratul pry. school, area (PU: 29/19/05/004)

Itakogun Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Frontage of babajide i (PU: 29/19/01/004)
Frontage of babajide ii (PU: 29/19/01/005)
Frontage of lokinran (PU: 29/19/01/003)
Ibosinni near mech. workshop (PU: 29/19/01/002)
Idi iroko/itakogun (PU: 29/19/01/008)
Idiroko/itakogun (PU: 29/19/01/001)
Igbogi junction orinkinran (PU: 29/19/01/007)
Opposite egbedi mosque (PU: 29/19/01/006)

Lower egbedi Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Egbe idi junction (PU: 29/19/02/008)
Frontage of eminiwa (PU: 29/19/02/001)
Idi ayan area i (PU: 29/19/02/005)
Idi ayan area ii (PU: 29/19/02/006)
Ireti ayo open space (PU: 29/19/02/002)
Mech. workshop near gen. filling station (PU: 29/19/02/003)
Mech. workshop near gen. filling station (PU: 29/19/02/009)
Open space ijesa sport club (PU: 29/19/02/004)
Open space in front of coca cola dept. (PU: 29/19/02/007)

Omofe/idasa Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Frontage of bamura’s house (PU: 29/19/04/001)
Frontage of bamura’s house (PU: 29/19/04/010)
Holy trinity ‘a’ school omofe i (PU: 29/19/04/002)
Holy trinity ‘a’ school, omofe ii (PU: 29/19/04/003)
Holy trinity ‘b’ school, omofe iii (PU: 29/19/04/004)
Holy trinity ‘b’ school, omofe iv (PU: 29/19/04/005)
Ita ofa junction (PU: 29/19/04/007)
Mercy clinic (PU: 29/19/04/006)
Sorundi’s house area ii (PU: 29/19/04/009)
Sorundi’s house areai (PU: 29/19/04/008)

Upper and lower igbogi Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Idi gbanja area (PU: 29/19/03/006)
Igbogi hall area i (PU: 29/19/03/008)
Igbogi hall i (PU: 29/19/03/007)
Oke ola open space (PU: 29/19/03/004)
Olola hall (PU: 29/19/03/001)
Open space near mosque (PU: 29/19/03/009)
Space near amuru house (PU: 29/19/03/003)
Space near risin kin’s house (PU: 29/19/03/005)
Upper igbogi (aseda’s house area) (PU: 29/19/03/002)

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