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Important Points You Should Know About Nigerian Military Uniforms


The military uniform is a peculiar symbolism with a long history and tradition which has been adopted by armies since the seventeenth century.

2. It calls for respect and fear and symbolizes strength and power.

3. There is a law in the Nigerian criminal code that bars anyone from unlawfully wearing camouflage outfits

4. The military cannot unilaterally constitute the prosecutor and the judge by charging a person for wearing army uniforms and has no jurisdiction to deal with civilians.

5. If a civilian contravenes the law of Nigeria, in accordance with the rule of law, such a person is charged to court and not disciplined the same way the military court-martials can deal with their military personnel who are subject to service law.

6. It is important that the public respects national symbols of authority including the use of uniform accoutrements because it’s a symbol of es­prit de corps which distinguishes the members of armed forces from the rest of the population.

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