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INEC Registration In Nigeria


The Procedure For Voter Registration Is As Follows…

A person wishing to register as voter must appear in person at the registration centre approved by the Commission and nearest to his/her place of residence and where he/she intends to vote on election day.

Registration usually commences at 9.00am and closes at 4.00pm. The Direct Data Capture (DDC) device is used to capture the biometrics (photograph and fingerprints) of the prospective voter.

At the registration centre, prospective registrants are invited to approach the Assistant Registration Officer to enroll their details into the DDC device.The officer ascertains the eligibility of the registrant. Where in doubt, the registrant is requested to produce a document that could prove his/her identity and age such as, Birth or Baptismal Certificate, National Passport, Identity Card or Driver’s License. In addition, the registrant’s first name, initial (or other names), surname, date of birth, gender, residential address and occupation are entered into the system.

The registrants photograph is taken and the fingerprint/thumbprint recorded. After this, the officer will give a Temporary Voters Card to the applicant. The temporary voter’s card will be replaced with the Permanent Voter’s Card at a date to be announced by INEC. After this, the Applicant leaves the registration center and he/she is requested to return the following day for claims and objections.

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