International Days / Holidays in 2018

Worldwide International Days / Holidays in 2018.

Date Weekday Holiday Name
Jan-04 Thursday World Braille Day
Jan-07 Sunday International Programmers’ Day
Jan-21 Sunday World Religion Day
Jan-26 Friday International Customs Day
Jan-28 Sunday World Leprosy Day
Feb-02 Friday World Wetlands Day
Feb-11 Sunday World Day of the Sick
Mar-01 Thursday Self-Injury Awareness Day
Mar-08 Thursday World Kidney Day
Mar-24 Saturday Earth Hour
Apr-01 Sunday April Fool’s Day
Apr-13 Friday Friday the 13th
Apr-18 Wednesday International Day for Monuments and Sites
Apr-20 Friday Global Youth Service Day
May-08 Tuesday World Ovarian Cancer Day
May-12 Saturday International Nurses Day
May-20 Sunday World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
May-25 Friday African Liberation Day
Jul-13 Friday Friday the 13th
Aug-31 Friday International Overdose Awareness Day
Sep-04 Tuesday World Sexual Health Day
Sep-13 Thursday International Programmers’ Day
Sep-23 Sunday International Celebrate Bisexuality Day
Sep-29 Saturday World Heart Day
Oct-01 Monday World Vegetarian Day
Oct-03 Wednesday World Cerebral Palsy Day
Oct-11 Thursday World Sight Day
Oct-29 Monday World Stroke Day
Nov-01 Thursday World Vegan Day
Nov-12 Monday World Pneumonia Day
Nov-17 Saturday World Prematurity Day
Nov-19 Monday International Men’s Day

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