Irewole L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ikire ‘a’

(11 Polling Booths )
Atoba oja open space (PU: 29/21/01/006)
Ejemu open space, ori eru, ikire i (PU: 29/21/01/007)
Ejemu open space, ori-eru, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/01/008)
Jifarolo open space, ikire (PU: 29/21/01/011)
Moosa open space, ikire (PU: 29/21/01/010)
Moringbere hall, open space (PU: 29/21/01/005)
Oke awo junction, ikire (PU: 29/21/01/009)
Ori eru open space, ori eru ikire i (PU: 29/21/01/003)
Ori eru, open space, ori eru ikire ii (PU: 29/21/01/004)
St. john’s pry. school, ayedade ikire ii (PU: 29/21/01/002)
St. john’s pry. school, ayedade, ikire i (PU: 29/21/01/001)

Ikire ‘b’

(7 Polling Booths )
Agbongbon open space, abata stream area (PU: 29/21/02/007)
Ajigbo open space, abata stream (PU: 29/21/02/001)
Atoba oke odo open space, oke odo area (PU: 29/21/02/006)
Old motor garage, market square (PU: 29/21/02/002)
Olukunle oja open space, opeyemi area (PU: 29/21/02/003)
Olukunle oke odo open space, abata stream (PU: 29/21/02/004)
Palace open space, ibwa ikire (PU: 29/21/02/005)

Ikire ‘c’

(9 Polling Booths )
Ajilo open space, itaakun, ikire i (PU: 29/21/03/001)
Ajilo open space, itaakun, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/03/002)
Asiyin popo open space, popo, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/008)
Falabi open space, odeadie, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/003)
Jadubi open space, popo, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/009)
Odeadie, open space, odeadie, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/006)
Odeagbon, open space, odeagbon, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/005)
Onilu popo open space, popo, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/007)
Sagba open spade, odeadie, ikire (PU: 29/21/03/004)

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Ikire ‘d’

(10 Polling Booths )
Fagbure open space, itaakun, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/010)
Ilupeju/oriolori, ilupeju, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/008)
Kujogbo open space, okeola, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/001)
Lesi open space, etaakun, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/006)
Oluofinrin market, oluofinrin, ikire i (PU: 29/21/04/004)
Oluofinrin market, oluofinrin, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/04/005)
Oluwata open space, okeola, ikire i (PU: 29/21/04/002)
Oluwata open space, okeola, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/04/003)
Onilu itaakun, itaakun, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/009)
Sagba open space, oluofinrin, ikire (PU: 29/21/04/007)

Ikire ‘e’

(9 Polling Booths )
Adeyinka old garage, lakoosin area (PU: 29/21/05/002)
Amukuku, amukuku area (PU: 29/21/05/008)
Fatima college, fatima area (PU: 29/21/05/001)
Itaakun junction, itaakun area (PU: 29/21/05/005)
Molarere garage open space (PU: 29/21/05/009)
N.u.d. sanngo, sanngo area (PU: 29/21/05/003)
Olufi junction, olufi area (PU: 29/21/05/004)
Rural health centre, centre area (PU: 29/21/05/006)
St. augustine grammar school (PU: 29/21/05/007)

Ikire ‘f’

(12 Polling Booths )
Alaha open space, baase, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/010)
Asupoto open space, base, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/005)
Baase open space, baase, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/001)
Baptist day school, sango, ikire i (PU: 29/21/06/007)
Baptist day school, sango, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/06/008)
Carpenter’s hal, moro, ikire i (PU: 29/21/06/003)
Carpenter’s hall, moro, ikire ii (PU: 29/21/06/004)
Magistrate court, ayedade, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/012)
Odeyinka old garage, lakoosin, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/009)
Okin open space, popo, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/011)
Oosafafioye open space, moringbere, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/006)
Sabo square, sabo, ikire (PU: 29/21/06/002)

Ikire ‘g’

(8 Polling Booths )
A.d.c pry. school, oke-ada area (PU: 29/21/07/003)
Akogun open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/005)
C.h.s. oke-ada, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/007)
Kuseru open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/004)
Olota open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/002)
Oniledu open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/008)
Oyepo open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/006)
Paakoi open space, oke ada area (PU: 29/21/07/001)

Ikire ‘h’

(8 Polling Booths )
Baralola open space, okeodo area (PU: 29/21/08/006)
Eleye open space, okeodo area (PU: 29/21/08/005)
Ikudoro open space, itamerin junction (PU: 29/21/08/008)
Islamihal pry. school, ogunyemi area (PU: 29/21/08/007)
Jolaiya junction, jolaiya area (PU: 29/21/08/003)
Odegade open space, okeodo area (PU: 29/21/08/004)
Old nepa office, ogunyemi area (PU: 29/21/08/002)
Ologungun open space, ologungun area (PU: 29/21/08/001)

Ikire ‘i’

(9 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. school, atile area (PU: 29/21/09/003)
Naira and kobo open space, naira & kobo area (PU: 29/21/09/004)
New garage open space, sunmoye area (PU: 29/21/09/001)
Obada court, obada court (PU: 29/21/09/006)
Ologbin, itamerin area (PU: 29/21/09/008)
Olorisa oko square, olorisa oko area (PU: 29/21/09/002)
Onikinnihun open space, onikinihun area (PU: 29/21/09/005)
St. peter and paul, sunmoye pry. school area (PU: 29/21/09/009)
Temidire open space, temidire area (PU: 29/21/09/007)

Ikire ‘j’

(13 Polling Booths )
A.u.d. school, agbora, agbora village (PU: 29/21/10/003)
Ajilo nla village ajilo village (PU: 29/21/10/011)
Balogun village, balogun village ii (PU: 29/21/10/008)
Balogun village, balogun village i (PU: 29/21/10/007)
Baptist day school, alaye, alaye village (PU: 29/21/10/013)
C.h.s school wasinmi, wasinmi village (PU: 29/21/10/009)
Elere village, elere village (PU: 29/21/10/006)
Funmilayo village open space, funmilayo village (PU: 29/21/10/012)
Majeroku village, majeroku village (PU: 29/21/10/010)
Oloowa village, oloowa village (PU: 29/21/10/001)
Oosa village, oosa village (PU: 29/21/10/002)
St. john’s pry. school, fidiwo, fidiwo vllage (PU: 29/21/10/005)
Wasinmi market, wasinmi village (PU: 29/21/10/004)

Ikire ‘k’

(23 Polling Booths )
A.d.c pry. school, jagun village (PU: 29/21/11/009)
A.d.c school, dagbolu village i (PU: 29/21/11/003)
A.d.c school, oluseke village ii (PU: 29/21/11/004)
A.d.c school, oluseke village iii (PU: 29/21/11/005)
A.u.d. odesilo village, odesilo (PU: 29/21/11/023)
Aajo village open space, aajo village (PU: 29/21/11/010)
Akinropo village, open space, akinropo village (PU: 29/21/11/007)
Arinkinkin village, arinkinkin (PU: 29/21/11/016)
Ayedaade oba village, ayedaade oba (PU: 29/21/11/022)
Ayetoro village, open space, ayetoro village (PU: 29/21/11/012)
Bamidele village open space, bamidele village (PU: 29/21/11/015)
Baptist day school, onikan village (PU: 29/21/11/018)
Baptist pry. schol, olokoko village (PU: 29/21/11/021)
Efunle alaguntan pry. school, efunle alaguntan (PU: 29/21/11/020)
Irewole maternity, ebunla village (PU: 29/21/11/001)
Itamerin village, itamerin (PU: 29/21/11/019)
Molarere village, open space, molarere village (PU: 29/21/11/002)
Molausa village, molausa (PU: 29/21/11/017)
Odeyinka baptist day school, odeyinka village i (PU: 29/21/11/013)
Odeyinka baptist day school, odeyinka village ii (PU: 29/21/11/014)
Odokoto village, open space,odokoto village (PU: 29/21/11/011)
Olobe village open space, olobe village (PU: 29/21/11/006)
St. james pry. school, akan agbongbon village (PU: 29/21/11/008)

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