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Know Yoruba Names And Their Meaning


Carefully Listed Yoruba names and their meaning

  1. Aanuoluwapo – God’s mercy is great.
  2. Aarin – centre/middle
  3. Aarinade – in the center of the crown
  4. Aarinade – in the center of the crown
  5. Abayomi – the enemy would have gloated over me
  6. Abejide – born during the rainy season
  7. Abidemi – born before the fathers arrival
  8. Abidoye- born before the arrival of a chieftaincy title
  9. Abiodun – born during the festival
  10. Abiola/ Abimbola/Abisola – one born into wealth
  11. Abiona – born during a journey
  12. Abioye/Abisoye – born into status/title
  13. Abisogun – born during a war
  14. Abisuga – one born into the palace
  15. Abodunrin – one who walks in with the festival/holiday
  16. Abosede/Abiose – born on the first day of the week
  17. Adaramola – one who complements wealth with beauty
  18. Ade – describes crown or royalty
  19. Adebajo – the crown returns from a trip
  20. Adebambo – the crown returns with me
  21. Adebanjo – the crown fits me
  22. Adebanke – the crown helps to pamper me
  23. Adebankole – the crown assisted me to build a house
  24. Adebayo – the crown meets with joy
  25. Adebimpe; the crown birthed me complete
  26. Adebisi; the crown has given birth to more
  27. Adebiyi; the crown gave birth to this one
  28. Adebola; the crown meets with wealth
  29. Adeboro; the crown meets wealth
  30. Adebowale; the crown has come home
  31. Adeboye; the crown meets the title
  32. Adeboyejo; the crown befits the title
  33. Adebukola; the crown has added to wealth
  34. Adebusoye; the crown has adds to status
  35. Adedamola; the crown is mixed with wealth
  36. Adedapo; crowns associate/affiliate
  37. Adedaramola; the crown associates with (complements) wealth well
  38. Adedayo; the crown has become joy
  39. Adedeji; the crown has become two
  40. Adediji; the crown has become a refuge
  41. Adediran; the crown becomes hereditary
  42. Adedoja; the crown has become a market
  43. Adedokun; the crown has become (as wide as) the sea
  44. Adedolapo; the crown holds wealth together
  45. Adedotun; the crown has become fresh/new
  46. Adedoyin; the crown has become honey
  47. Adefemi; the crown loves me
  48. Adefolake; the crown pampers with wealth
  49. Adefolarin; the crown walks with wealth
  50. Adefoluke; the crown pampers with God
  51. Adefoyeke; the crown pampers with the title
  52. Adegbenga; the crown elevates/uplifts
  53. Adegbenro; the crown establishes
  54. Adegbola; the crown carries wealth
  55. Adegboyega; the crown has elevated the title
  56. Adegoke; the crown ascends a height/hill
  57. Adegoroye: the crown ascends to a title
  58. Adegunte; the crown ascends the throne
  59. Adeiye; the crown of salvation
  60. Adejare; the crown has overcome
  61. Adejobi; the crown gives birth together
  62. Adejoke; the crown will together pamper this one
  63. Adejoro; the crown enjoys (eats) wealth
  64. Adejumo; the crown unites
  65. Adejumobi; the crown unites to give birth to
  66. Adejumoke; the crown unites to pamper
  67. Adejuwon; the crown is greater than them
  68. Adekanmi; I am entitled to the crown
  69. Adekemi; the crown pampers me
  70. Adekilekun; the crown makes the house full
  71. Adekitan; the crown does not finish/end
  72. Adekola; the crown collects wealth
  73. Adekoyejo; the crown brings together titles
  74. Adekunle; crowns fill the house
  75. Adelabi; we gave birth to a crown
  76. Adelana; the crown opens the way
  77. Adelani; we own the crown
  78. Adelanwa; it is a crown that we look for
  79. Adeleke; the crown triumphs
  80. Adelodun; the crown owns the festival
  81. Adelowo; the crown has respect
  82. Adeloye; the crown is (the essence) of a title
  83. Ademola; the crown has been added to wealth
  84. Ademolu; the crown has been added to the master
  85. Adenaike;
  86. Adeniji; the crown has protection/refuge (to offer)
  87. Adenike; the crown has (need of) care
  88. Adeniran; the crown has history/lineage
  89. Adeniyi; the crown has prestige/dignity
  90. Adenola; the crown owns wealth
  91. Adenrele; the crown is going home
  92. Adenuga; the crown owns the palace
  93. Adeoba; the crown of the king
  94. Adeola; crown of wealth
  95. Adeolu; the crown of God
  96. Adeoti; the crown does not fade
  97. Adeoye; a crown of title
  98. Adepeju; the crown is full of honor
  99. Adepero; the crown pacifies
  1. Adepitan; the crown tells a story
  2. Adepoju; crowns are many
  3. Aderemilekun; the crown has dried my tears
  4. Aderinsola; the crown walks into wealth
  5. Aderiyike; the crown has found one to pamper
  6. Aderonke; the crown has something to pamper
  7. Aderoju; the crown has succor
  8. Aderopo; the crown replaces
  9. Adesanmi; the crown profits me
  10. Adesewa; the crown makes beauty
  11. Adesile; the crown opens a new house
  12. Adesina; the crown has opened the way
  13. Adesoji; the crown is revived
  14. Adesokan; the crown is one
  15. Adesola; the crown makes wealth
  16. Adesoro; the crown makes wealth
  17. Adesoye; the crown watches over the title
  18. Adesupo; the crown aggregates
  19. Adetola; the crown is the worth of wealth
  20. Adetolu; the crown which belongs to God
  21. Adetona; the crown gives direction
  22. Adetoro; the crown is peaceful
  23. Adetoun; the crown is worth strife
  24. Adetoyebi; the crown is big enough to birth titles
  25. Adetoyese; the crown has beautified the title
  26. Adetunji; the crown has woken again
  27. Adetutu; the crown is calm/soothing
  28. Adewale; the crown has come home
  29. Adewetan;
  30. Adewonuola; the crown has entered into wealth
  31. Adewunmi; I am desirous of the crown
  32. Adeyanju; the crown succeeds
  33. Adeyato; the crown is different
  34. Adeyemi; the crown befits me
  35. Adeyemo; the crown befits a child
  36. Adeyiga; the crown surrounds the palace
  37. Adeyinka; the crown surrounds me
  38. Adeyeye; the crown befits its titles
  39. Adeyombo;
  40. Adeyoola;
  41. Adeyoye; the crown rejoices over the title
  42. Adunade; the sweetness of the crown
  43. Adunbi; one who is sweet to give birth to
  44. Adunke; one who is sweet to pamper
  45. Adunni; one who is sweet to have
  1. Adura; means prayer
  2. Aduramigba; my prayer has been answered
  1. Afolabi; one born with wealth
  2. Afolami; one who breathes with wealth
  3. Afolarin; one who walks with wealth
  4. Afolorunso; one kept under God’s protection
  1. Agboola; the stage/platform of wealth
  1. Aibinuola; one who is not antagonistic of wealth
  1. Aje; a child born on monday
  1. Ajibola; one who wakes up to meet wealth
  2. Ajibade; one who wakes into royalty
  3. Ajibike; we woke up to take care of this one
  4. Ajirola; one who wakes to the sight of wealth
  1. Akin; refers to warrior/valor
  2. Akinbiyi; a warrior gave birth to this one
  3. Akinbode; a warrior has arrived
  4. Akinbola; valor meets with wealth
  5. Akindele; the warrior has come home
  6. Akinkunmi; valor fills me
  7. Akinlabi; we gave birth to a warrior
  8. Akinleye; valor has glory
  9. Akinlolu; the Lord is Valor
  10. Akinloye; valor is a title
  11. Akinmade; the warrior takes the crown
  12. Akinniyi; valor has dignity
  13. Akinola; valor of wealth
  14. Akinpelu; the warrior was one of them
  15. Akinrinnola; the warrior walks in wealth
  16. Akinsanmi; valor profits me
  17. Akintayo; valor is the worth of joy
  18. Akintola; valor is the worth of wealth
  19. Akintoye; valor is the worth of title
  20. Akintunde; the warrior has come again
  21. Akinwunmi; warriors appeal to me
  22. Akinyele; valor befits a home
  23. Akinyemi; valor befits me
  1. Akeju; one who is over pampered
  1. Anjolaoluwa; we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of God
  1. Alaba; the second child born after a set of twins
  1. Alade; the crowned one
  1. Alayo; one who is full of joy/merriment
  1. Alarape; the one with family is complete
  1. Ara; means family. It also means “to be a part of”
  2. Aralola; family (relations) is wealth
  3. Aramide; my family has come
  4. Araoye; a part of the title
  1. Aremu; is the name given to the first male child
  2. Ariyo; one who is joy to behold
  1. Asikooluwaloju; the Timing of God is best
  1. Atinuke; a person who has been pampered from conception
  1. Ayan; refers to drums/drumming.
  2. Ayanbadejo; drumming complements the crown well
  3. Ayandele; the drummer has come home
  4. Ayantola; drumming is the worth of wealth
  5. Ayantuge; drumming is the worth of the palace
  6. Ayanyinka; drumming surrounds me
  1. Ayo; means joy
  2. Ayoade; the joy of the crown
  3. Ayobade; joy meets with the crown
  4. Ayobami; joy meets with me


  1. Ayodeji; joy has doubled
  2. Ayodele; joy has come home
  3. Ayodiran; joy becomes hereditary
  4. Ayoku; joy remains
  5. Ayokunle; joy fills the house
  6. Ayokunnumitetete; joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates me
  7. Ayomide /Ayomitide; my joy has come
  8. Ayoola; the joy of wealth
  9. Ayorinde; joy walks in
  10. Ayotomi; joy is enough for me
  11. Ayotola; joy is the worth of wealth
  12. Ayotunde; joy has come again
  1. Baba; means father or grandfather
  2. Bababunmi; father gave me
  3. Babajide; father has awoken
  4. Babalola; father is wealth
  5. Babarinsa; “father saw and ran”. Name given to a child whose father dies shortly after his birth
  6. Babasola; father makes wealth
  7. Babatola; father is the worth of wealth
  8. Babatunde; father has come again
  9. Babatunji; father had arisen/reincarnated
  10. Babawale; father has come home
  11. Babayeju; father confers dignity
  1. Badejoko; one who sits with then crown
  1. Beekololari
  2. Beelolari
  1. Bolajoko; one who sits with wealth
  2. Bolatito; so wealth is this big?
  3. Bolutife; it is as God desires
  4. Botiwunoluwa; as God desires
  1. Dideolu; the rising of God
  2. Durodola; wait for wealth
  3. Durojaiye; wait to enjoy (eat) life
  4. Durosinmi; wait to bury me
  1. Ebudola; insults have become wealth/honor
  2. Ebunoluwa; gift of God
  3. Emiola; the spirit of wealth


  1. Eni; means person
  2. Enilo; the person who went away
  3. Eniola; person of wealth
  4. Enitan; a person about whose birth a story is told
  5. Eniolurunda; a person created/moulded (especially) by God
  6. Eniolorunopa; a person who God will not kill
  7. Enitanwa; a person who we have been waiting for
  1. Ekundayo; tears have become joy
  2. Ereola; the benefit/advantage of wealth
  1. Erioluwa; evidence/testimony of God
  1. Etoade; right of the crown
  1. Ewaoluwa; beauty of God
  1. Eyiloreoluwa; this is the favor of God
  1. Eyitola; this (one) is the worth of wealth
  1. Faramade; move closer to the crown
  2. Fadekemi; make use if the crown to pamper me
  3. Fadesewafunmi; make beauty from the crown for me
  4. Fehintiola; rest/relax on wealth
  5. Feyifoluwa; give this (one) to God
  6. Fijinjesu/ Fijinoluwa; consecrated unto Jesus/God
  7. Fiyinfoluwa; give prestige to God
  8. Folagbade; receive a crown with wealth
  9. Folashade; use wealth as a crown
  10. Fowosade; use money as a crown
  1. Gbekelolu; rest on God
  2. Gbadewole; enter a place with the crown
  3. Gbolagunte; ascend the throne with wealth
  4. Gbolahan; show off wealth
  5. Gbowoade; receive the crown
  1. Ibidokun; family becomes (as wide as) the sea
  2. Ibidun; child birth is sweet
  3. Ibijoke; family pampers together
  4. Ibikeye; childbirth brings honor
  5. Ibikunle; birth (children) fill the house
  6. Ibilola; childbirth is wealth
  7. Ibisola; childbirth makes wealth
  8. Ibiyemi; childbirth honors me
  1. Ibironke; family has found who to pamper
  1. Ibiolagbajosi; the place wealth converges at
  1. Ibukunoluwa; blessing of God
  1. Idowu; the name given to the child born after a set of twins
  1. Idurotioluwa; the steadfastness/ abiding presence of God
  1. Ife; means love
  2. Ifeade; love of the crown
  3. Ifedolapo; love holds wealth together
  4. Ifejobi; love gave birth together
  5. Ifeoluwakusi; the love of God abounds
  6. Ifetayo; love is the worth of joy
  7. Igbagboluwa; belief/faith of God
  1. Ikeolu; the care of God
  1. Ilesanmi; home benefits me
  1. Imoleoluwa; light of God
  1. Inioluwa; property of God
  1. Ipadeola; assembly of wealth
  1. Ipinuoluwa; decision of God
  1. Iremide; my fortune/benefit has arrived
  1. Iretiola; hope/anticipation of wealth
  2. Iretioluwa; God’s hope
  1. itanife; the story of love
  1. Iteoluwakiisi; the throne of God is permanent
  1. Itunuoluwa; comfort of God
  1. Iwalewa; good character is beautiful
  1. Iyanda; a selected being


  1. Iya; refers to mother/grandmother
  2. Iyabo; mother has come
  3. Iyadunni; mother is sweet to have
  4. Iyaniwura; mother is (as precious as) gold
  5. Iyatunde; mother has returned
  6. Iyanuoluwa; mercy of God
  1. Iyinoluwa;
  2. Iyiola; the prestige of wealth
  1. Iyunadeoluwa; beads (corals) of the crown of God
  1. Jejelaiyegba; life should be treaded gently
  2. Jejeolaoluwa; the wealth of God is gentle/restful
  3. Jenrola; let me find wealth
  4. Jokotade; sit with the crown
  5. Jokotola; sit with wealth
  1. Kalejaye; sit and eat (savor) life
  2. Kasimawo; let’s wait and see (if this child will live long)
  3. Kikelomo; children are destined for pampering
  4. Kofoworade; he does not buy the crown with money
  5. Kofoworola;he does not buy wealth with money
  6. Kokumo; he/she will not die again
  7. Koledowo; build a house in anticipation of wealth
  8. Kosoko; theres no hoe
  9. Koyinsola; put honey into wealth i.e. experience sweet wealth
  10. Kukoyi; death rejects this (one)
  1. Magbagbeoluwa; do not forget God
  2. Majekodunmi; do not let it hurt (pain) me
  3. Majemuoluwa; convenant of God
  4. Makanjuola; do not be in a hurry to get wealthy
  5. Malomo; don’t go away any more
  6. Matanmi; don’t deceive me
  7. Meraola; I did not buy wealth
  8. Mobiyina; I have given birth to this one (at last!)
  9. Mobolaji; I awoke with wealth
  10. Modupe; I give thanks
  11. Mofaderera; I adorn my body with a crown
  12. Mofeoluwa; I love God
  13. Mofeyisade; I use this (one) as a crown
  14. Mofeyisola; I use this (one) as wealth
  15. Mofogofolorun; I give God glory?
  16. Mofolami; I breathe with wealth
  17. Mofolusho/Mofolorunsho; I place in Gods protection/keeping
  18. Mofopefolorun; I give thanks to God
  19. Mogbadunola; I enjoy wealth
  20. Mogbolade; I bring wealth home?
  21. Mojirayo; I awoke to see joy
  22. Mojirola; I awoke to see wealth
  23. Mojisola; I awoke to wealth
  24. Mojolaoluwa; I enjoy (eat) the wealth of God
  25. Mojoyin; I enjoy (eat) honey
  26. Mokolade; I have brought wealth
  27. Molayo; I have joy
  28. Monilola; I have a share in wealth
  29. Mopelola; I am complete in wealth
  30. Moradeke; I have found a crown to pamper
  31. Moradeun; I have found a crown to pamper
  32. Moradeyo; I have found a crown to rejoice over
  33. Morakinyo; I have found a warrior to rejoice over
  34. Morayo; I see joy
  35. Morenike; I (have) found a person to pamper
  36. Morenikeji; I have found my second (better) half
  37. Moriojurereoluwagba; I have found God’s favor/ favor in God’s sight
  1. Morohundiya; I find one to lessen my suffering
  2. Morohunfola; I bestow something on wealth
  3. Morohunfolu; I have found whom to give to God
  4. Morohunkolafun; I have found whom to build wealth for
  5. Morohunmubo; I have found someone to bring back
  6. Morolake; I have found wealth to pamper
  7. Morolayo; I have found wealth to rejoice over
  8. Mosopefunolorun; I thank God
  9. Mosunmola; I move close to wealth
  10. Motilewa; I come from home
  11. Motunrayo; I have once again seen joy
  12. Moyoade; I rejoice over the crown
  13. Moyosoreoluwa; I revel/rejoice in God’s favor
  1. Oba; means king/ruler
  2. Obafemi; the king loves me
  3. Obasola; the king makes wealth
  1. Obi; means family
  2. Obileye; family has honor
  1. Odun; means year
  2. Odunayo; year of joy
  3. Oduntan; a famed year in stories
  1. Ojuolape; the face of wealth is complete/complete wealth


  1. Okanlanwon; only male child amongst several female children
  2. Okiki; means fame
  3. Okikiade; fame of crown
  4. Okikiimole; fame of light
  5. Okikiola; fame of wealth
  6. Ola; means wealth.
  7. Olabamidele; wealth accompanies me home
  8. Olabamiji/Olabanji; wealth wakes with me
  9. Olabanwo; wealth looks after (this) for me
  10. Olabimtan; wealth beget me complete
  11. Olabisi; wealth has given birth to more
  12. Olabode; wealth has arrived
  13. Olabosipo; wealth returns to its position
  14. Olabukunola; wealth adds fully to wealth
  15. Oladahunsi; wealth responds to (me)
  16. Oladapo; wealth associates/affiliates
  17. Oladayo; wealth becomes joy
  18. Oladega; wealth arrives the palace
  19. Oladeinde/Olasehinde; wealth has returned
  20. Oladeji/Oladimeji; wealth has becomes two/double
  21. Oladejo; wealth becomes eight
  22. Oladele; wealth has come home
  23. Oladepo; wealth arrives its rightful position
  24. Oladiji; wealth becomes a refuge
  25. Oladipo/ Oladipupo; wealth has become plenty
  26. Oladiran; wealth becomes a heritage
  27. Oladitan; wealth becomes a story
  28. Oladokun; wealth becomes (as wide as) the sea
  29. Oladotun; wealth has become renewed
  30. Oladunjoye; wealth is sweeter than titles
  31. Oladunni; wealth is sweet to have
  32. Oladurotoye; wealth stays with titles
  33. Olafimihan; wealth shows me off
  34. Olagoke; wealth ascends a hill
  35. Olagunjoye; wealth is superior to titles
  36. Olagunte; wealth ascends the throne
  37. Olaide; wealth turns to come
  38. Olaitan; wealth is inexhaustible
  39. Olaiya; wealth of a mother
  40. Olajide; wealth awakes to come
  41. Olajire; wealth awakes to goodness
  42. Olajobi/Olajumobi; wealth unites to give birth to
  43. Olajumoke; wealth unites to pamper
  44. Olakanmi; wealth has touched me/I am entitled to wealth
  45. Olakitan; wealth does not finish
  46. Olalekan; wealth has increased by one
  47. Olalere; wealth has benefits
  48. Olamakinde; wealth has brought the warrior
  49. Olamide; my wealth has come
  50. Olamiji; my wealth has awoken
  51. Olanifesi; wealth has love for me
  52. Olanipekun; wealth is endless
  53. Olaniyan; wealth has its pride
  54. Olaniyi; wealth is honorable
  55. Olanlesi; wealth is increasing
  56. Olanrele; wealth is going home
  57. Olanrewaju; wealth is moving forward
  58. Olansile; wealth opens a house
  59. Olaoluwa; wealth of /from God
  60. Olaosebikan; wealth does dwell exclusively in one place
  61. Olaoti; wealth does not fade
  62. Olaoye; wealth of the titled one
  63. Olapademi; wealth meets with me
  64. Olapeju; wealth is full of value
  65. Olapitan; wealth tells a story
  66. Olasimbo; wealth escorts me
  67. Olasubomi; wealth has overwhelmed me.
  68. Olasunmbo; wealth moves closer to me
  69. Olasunkanmi; wealth moves nearer to touch me
  70. Olasupo; wealth clusters together
  71. Olatelemi; wealth follows me
  72. Olatemina; I also deserve wealth
  73. Olateju; wealth is abundant
  74. Olatidoye; wealth has become a title
  75. Olatokunbo; wealth from across the sea
  76. Olatoun; wealth is worth strife
  77. Olatunbosun; wealth has once more shifted (forward)
  78. Olatunji; wealth has been revived
  79. Olawale; wealth come home
  80. Olawuwo; wealth is heavy
  81. Olayemi; wealth befits me
  82. Olayikanmi; wealth turned to touch me
  83. Olayiwola; wealth twists into wealth
  84. Olayinka; wealth surrounds me
  85. Olayonu; wealth has burdens
  86. Ololade; wealthy person has arrived
  87. Olu/oluwa; means God. They are used interchangeably.
  88. Oluade; God of the crown
  89. Olubajo; God returns from a journey
  90. Olubamise; God has done it for me
  91. Olubanke; God helps me take care of (this child)
  92. Oluwabukola; God adds to wealth
  93. Olubukumi; God adds to me
  94. Olubukunade; God adds to the crown
  95. Oluwabunmi; God adds to me
  96. Oluwabusayo; God adds to joy
  97. Oluwabusola; God adds to wealth
  98. Oludahunsi; God answers (me)
  99. Oluwadairo; God establishes this one
  100. Oluwadamilare; God exonerates/acquits me
  101. Oluwadamilola ; God makes me wealthy
  102. Oluwadamisi; God spares me/my life
  103. Oluwadarasimi; God has been good to me
  104. Oluwadayisi; God created this one
  105. Oludemilade; God has crowned me
  106. Oluwadetan; God has finally arrived
  107. Oludolamu; God is the custodian of wealth
  108. Oludotun; God becomes new
  109. Olufadeke; God uses the crown to care for this one
  110. Olufela; God expands wealth
  111. Oluwafemi; God loves me
  112. Olufeyikemi; God uses this (one) to care for me
  113. Olufeyisayo; God uses this (one) to add to (my) joy
  114. Oluwafikayo/ Olufikunayo; God adds completeness to (my) joy
  115. Oluwafiresayo; God adds favor to (my) joy
  116. Olufisayo; God adds to (my) joy
  117. Olufolake; God takes care of this (one) with wealth
  118. Olufolasade; God has uses wealth as a crown
  119. Oluwafoyinsolami; God adds honey to my wealth
  120. Olufumiso; God gave me (this child) to watch over
  121. Olufunke; God gave me to pamper
  122. Olufunmbi; God gave me to birth
  123. Olufunmilade; God has given me a crown
  124. Olufunmilola; God gives me wealth
  125. Oluwafunmilorinotun; God has given me a new song
  126. Olufunto; God gave me to raise/bring up
  127. Olugbayilo; God takes this (one) to use
  128. Olugbemileke; God makes me overcome
  129. Oluwagbeminiyi; Gods honors me
  130. Oluwajomiloju; God has surprised me
  131. Olukayode; God has brought joy
  132. Oluwakemi; God pampers me
  133. Olukolade; God brings wealth
  134. Olukorede; God has brought good (to me)
  135. Olukunmi; God completes me
  136. Olulaanu; God has mercy
  137. Oluwaleti; God has ears (to hear my request)
  138. Oluwalomose; God knows how best to do it
  139. Oluwalonike; God owns (this one) to take care of
  140. Oluwalonimi; God owns me
  141. Olumayokun; God makes joy complete
  142. Olumayowa; God brings joy
  143. Olumide; my God has come
  144. Olumoyebo; God has brought titles
  145. Oluwanifemi; God has love for me
  146. Oluwapamilerinayo; God has caused me to laugh in joyfulness
  147. Oluranti; God remembers
  148. Oluwaremilekun;God has dried my tears
  149. Oluropo; God replaces
  150. Oluwarotimi; God is with me
  151. Olusaanu; God wrought mercy
  152. Olusanmi; God benefits me
  153. Olusanya; God compensates for my suffering
  154. Olusayo; God makes joy
  155. Olusegun; God is victorious
  156. Oluwasemilore; God has done me a favor
  157. Oluwaseteminirere; God has done things for my good
  1. Oluwaseun; thanks be to God
  2. Oluwaseunbabaralaiyemi; God has done extremely great things for me
  3. Oluwaseunayo; God has done something joyous
  4. Oluseye; God makes dignity
  5. Oluwaseyi; God has done this
  6. Olusoga; God is the master
  7. Olusoji; God has arisen
  8. Olusola; God makes wealth
  9. Oluwatemilorun; God contents me
  10. Oluwatimilehin; God backs me up
  11. Oluwatisetan; God has done completed “it”
  12. Oluwatobi; God is big/mighty
  13. Oluwatofunmi; God is enough for me
  14. Olutomilola; God is enough wealth for me
  15. Olutomiwa; God has come for me
  16. Oluwatosin; God is worthy of worship
  17. Olutoyelo; God worth more than titles
  18. Oluwatoyosi; God is worth celebrating
  19. Olutumibi; God rebirths me
  20. Olutunde; God has returned
  21. Oluwawapelumi; God is with me
  22. Oluwemimo; God washes me pure
  23. Oluwole; God enters the home
  24. Oluwayemisi; God holds me in high regards/God honors me
  25. Oluyomi; God delivered me
  26. Omo; means child
  27. Omobolade; child comes (home) with wealth
  28. Omobolaji; child awoke with wealth
  29. Omobolanle; child met wealth at home
  30. Omobonike; child has met with someone to pamper him/her
  31. Omoborode; child has come with riches
  32. Omodarani; child is good to have
  33. Omodele; child has come home
  34. Omodunbi; child is sweet to birth
  35. Omodunni; a child is a sweet thing to have
  36. Omofolabo; child comes with wealth
  37. Omojola; child is greater than wealth
  38. Omokeinde/ Omokeyinwa; child comes in last/brings up the rear
  39. Omokeyede; child brings honor
  40. Omokorede; child brings goodness
  41. Omolabake; child whom we shall pamper
  42. Omolabi; it’s a child we have given birth to
  43. Omolara/ Omolebi; children are family
  44. Omolayo; children are (a source) joy
  45. Omolere; children are good
  46. Omolewa; children are beauty
  47. Omoleye; children are worthy
  48. Omolola; children are wealth
  49. Omololu; child is the master
  50. Omoloro; children are riches
  51. Omoloso; children are adornments/jewels
  52. Omoluwabi; responsible child
  53. Omoniyi; children are honorable
  54. Omoniyun; children are (as precious as) coral beads
  55. Omopariola; children are the completion are wealth
  56. Omosalewa; child selected what home to be born into
  57. Omosunsola; child moves nearer to wealth
  58. Omotade; child is the worth of the crown
  59. Omotara; child is the worth of family
  60. Omotayo; child is the worth of (equivalent of) joy
  61. Omotola/Omotolani; a child is as worthy as wealth
  62. Omotoso; children are the worth of adornments
  63. Omotunde; child has come again
  64. Omowafola; child is destined for wealth
  65. Omowon; children are expensive/dear/precious
  66. Omowunmi; child is appealing to me
  67. Omoyeni; child befits a person
  1. Oni; means person
  2. Onifede; here comes the person of love
  3. Onipede; here comes the consoler
  4. Oniyide; here comes the dignified one
  1. Ope; means thanks
  2. Opemipo; I have many thanks to render
  3. Opeoluwa; God’s gratitude
  4. Opetunde; gratitude has come again
  5. Opeyemi; thanks befits me/I should be grateful
  1. Ore; means favor/goodness/kindness
  2. Oreofe; free favor (undeserved favor). I.e. grace
  3. Oreolu; favor of God
  1. Òré; means friend
  2. Òrédola; friendship becomes wealth
  3. Òrélolu; God is a friend
  4. Òréoluwa; friend of God
  5. Òréotitololuwa; God is a true friend
  1. Ori; means head
  2. Oriade; head of crown
  3. Oridola; head has become wealth
  4. Orimolade; the head knows who should be crown
  5. Oriola; head of wealth
  6. Oriyomi; my head has saved me
  1. Oromidayo; my case has become that of joy


  1. Otito; means truth
  2. Otitoju; the truth is greatest
  3. Otitoluwa; the truth of God
  1. Owo; this refers to money
  2. Owodunni; money is sweet to own
  3. Owolabi; money is what we have given birth to
  4. Owoseni; money can be had
  1. Oye; means titles
  2. Oyebamiji/Oyebanji; the title awakes with me
  3. Oyebode; title has come
  4. Oyebola; title meets with wealth
  5. Oyebolujo; the titles fit God
  6. Oyedele; title comes home
  7. Oyediran; title becomes hereditary
  8. Oyegoke; title ascends a hill
  9. Oyekanmi; it is my turn to receive the title
  1. Oyekunle; title fills the house
  2. Oyelakin; title is valor
  3. Oyeleke;title overcomes
  4. Oyelowo; title has respect
  5. Oyemade; title with crown
  6. Oyenike; title has need of pampering
  7. Oyeniran; title has pedigree
  8. Oyeniyi; title has dignity
  9. Oyenola; title has wealth
  10. Oyenuga; the title owns the palace
  11. Oyerinde; title has walked in
  12. Oyesanya; the title compensates for my suffering
  13. Oyesina; the title has opened the wat
  14. Oyetunde the title has come again
  15. Oyeyemi; titles befit me
  16. Oyeyipo; titles roll together/surround each other
  1. Oyin; means honey. It refers also to sweetness
  2. Oyindamola; honey is mixed into wealth
  3. Oyindasola; honey pours into wealth
  4. Oyinkansola; honey drips into wealth
  1. Popoola; highway of wealth
  1. Segilade; ornaments are crowns
  2. Segilola; ornaments are wealth
  1. Similolaoluwa; restfulness of the wealth of God
  1. Sijuade; look in/open (your) eyes wide in the direction of the crown
  2. Sijuwola; look in the direction of wealth
  1. Siyanbola;
  2. Suulola;
  1. Tanimola; who knows the future
  2. Taraoluwa; from Gods own body
  3. Taiwo/Taiye; taste life/the world. The name given to the younger of a set of twins
  4. Tejumade; fix your gaze on the crown
  5. Temidayo; my life has taken a turn for good
  6. Temilade; mine is the crown
  7. Temilayo; mine is joy. Joy is mine
  8. Temilolu; God is mine
  9. Temitayo; my case is worth joyfulness
  10. Temitope; mine (my circumstances) are worth thankfulness
  11. Tewogbola; stretch out your hands to receive wealth
  12. Tirenioluwa; it is yours, Lord!
  13. Tinuade; from within the crown
  14. Titilola; endless wealth
  15. Titilayo; endless joy
  16. Tiwalade; ours is the crown
  17. Tiwalolu; ours is God
  18. Tiwatope; our situation is worthy of thanks
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