Kwande L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

There are 15 Wards in Kwande L.G.A. See list of the Wards, Polling Units/Booths in Kwande L.G.A

Adikpo metropolis Ward

(24 Polling Booths )
Adanyi bur junction, front of adanyi’s house (PU: 07/11/01/019)
Adikpo comp. college i – adikpo (PU: 07/11/01/001)
Adikpo comp. college ii, adikpo (PU: 07/11/01/003)
Cheen carpentary s/shop, outside prem. (PU: 07/11/01/007)
Electric office, outside premises (PU: 07/11/01/012)
Igbanongo compound, outside premises (PU: 07/11/01/018)
Ikyaaibo compound, in front of premises (PU: 07/11/01/015)
Ityoatoakaa compound, outside prem. (PU: 07/11/01/008)
Kaa-iliev comp. i, in front of compound (PU: 07/11/01/023)
Kaa-iliev comp. ii, front of umaru’s compound (PU: 07/11/01/024)
Leprosy clinic, outside premises (PU: 07/11/01/017)
Local govt clinic ii, in front of clinic (PU: 07/11/01/004)
Local govt. clinic i, in front of clinic (PU: 07/11/01/014)
Mechanic village, mech. village prem. (PU: 07/11/01/002)
New motor park, beside entrance (PU: 07/11/01/022)
Nkst. pri. school i, within school premises (PU: 07/11/01/020)
Nkst. pri. school ii, within school premises (PU: 07/11/01/016)
Nkst. sec. school, within school premises (PU: 07/11/01/021)
Old b.t.s., outside g. kajo’s house (PU: 07/11/01/006)
Post office, in front of premises (PU: 07/11/01/009)
St. andrew’s sec. school i, within premises (PU: 07/11/01/011)
St. andrew’s sec. school ii, within premises (PU: 07/11/01/013)
Terdoo guest inn, outside premises (PU: 07/11/01/010)
V.i.p. guest house, in front of guest house (PU: 07/11/01/005)

Kumakwagh Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Ibumeor market, near ibumeor market (PU: 07/11/15/003)
Lgea pri. school, agura i, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/15/007)
Lgea pri. school, agura ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/15/008)
Lgea pri. school, kura, school premises (PU: 07/11/15/002)
Lgea pri. school, manyam, school premises (PU: 07/11/15/001)
Rcm. pri. school, azaibo i, school premises (PU: 07/11/15/004)
Rcm. pri. school, azaibo ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/15/005)
Tse atorough, near atorough compound (PU: 07/11/15/009)
Tse indyer, close to tse indyer compound (PU: 07/11/15/006)

Liev i Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Achia market square i, near the market square (PU: 07/11/02/001)
Achia market square ii, near the market square (PU: 07/11/02/002)
Begha market square, near market square (PU: 07/11/02/013)
Iorhenen hwande, in front of the compound (PU: 07/11/02/004)
Lgea pri. school, mbagongor, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/003)
Lgea pri. school, ujaka i, school premises (PU: 07/11/02/007)
Lgea pri. school, ujaka ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/02/008)
Lgea pri. school, ukumba, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/015)
Lgea school, mbaghar, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/012)
Nkst. pri. school, ankpese, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/010)
Nkst. pri. school, asom, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/014)
Nkst. pri. school, mbanyin, within premises (PU: 07/11/02/005)
Nyamkwange, front of premises of compound (PU: 07/11/02/017)
Saakwen, in front of the compound (PU: 07/11/02/006)
Tom ahar warev, near market premises (PU: 07/11/02/011)
Tse-awen, in fromt of tse-awen compound (PU: 07/11/02/016)
Ukoko angwe, near the compound (PU: 07/11/02/009)

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Liev ii Ward

(28 Polling Booths )
Agenogo market, in front of market square (PU: 07/11/03/024)
Aguke ikume, beside ikume’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/010)
Atsar anande, lgea pri. school, anande (PU: 07/11/03/019)
Chigba market i, close to market square (PU: 07/11/03/007)
Chigba market ii, near the market square (PU: 07/11/03/008)
Gbinde clinic, beside clinic (PU: 07/11/03/022)
Ikur compound, before the compound (PU: 07/11/03/020)
Ikyogen market, outside market square (PU: 07/11/03/012)
Ikyogen motor park, beside ent. (PU: 07/11/03/013)
Imande ale, outside imande market square (PU: 07/11/03/011)
Imande mbaikule, before the market square (PU: 07/11/03/017)
Lgea pri. school, abanyi, within school premises (PU: 07/11/03/005)
Lgea pri. school, ahobe, within premises (PU: 07/11/03/001)
Lgea pri. school, ahondo, school premises (PU: 07/11/03/015)
Lgea pri. school, gisa, school premises (PU: 07/11/03/014)
Mtu village, before mtu village square (PU: 07/11/03/021)
Nkst. pri. school, chan, school premises (PU: 07/11/03/027)
Orchivir asho, close to asho’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/026)
Tse ajaver, close to ajaver compound (PU: 07/11/03/018)
Tse awundu, close to awundu’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/028)
Tse baa, in front of tse baa compound (PU: 07/11/03/023)
Tse bebe, in front of the bebe’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/009)
Tse tyokaafa, beside the compound (PU: 07/11/03/004)
Tse yua, near yua’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/025)
Tse-anom, near tse-anom’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/003)
Tse-unyuka, in front of unyuka’s compound (PU: 07/11/03/002)
Wokagher, lgea school, wokagher (PU: 07/11/03/016)
Yande ordam, rcm pri. school, yande (PU: 07/11/03/006)

Mbadura Ward

(16 Polling Booths )
Angor, close to angor compound (PU: 07/11/04/014)
Imande wende, before wende market (PU: 07/11/04/008)
Kaun gadim, near kaun market square (PU: 07/11/04/012)
Kusugh, at the approach of kusugh compound (PU: 07/11/04/013)
Lgea pri. school, ayaga, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/011)
Lgea pri. school, boagundu, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/009)
Lgea pri. school, shikaan, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/016)
Lgea school, atsua, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/005)
Nkst pri. school, tum i, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/003)
Nkst pri. school, tum ii, near tse awa (PU: 07/11/04/004)
Nkst. pri. school, akuji, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/006)
Nyagba clinic, within premises of clinic (PU: 07/11/04/007)
Rcm. pri. school, gusa, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/010)
Rcm. pri. school, injorsha, school premises (PU: 07/11/04/002)
Shimana amata, rcm. pri. school, shimana (PU: 07/11/04/001)
Tse gbaga, before tse gbaga compound (PU: 07/11/04/015)

Mbagba/mbaikyan Ward

(20 Polling Booths )
Angir-uyhough, near market square (PU: 07/11/05/014)
Anum ivom, lgea pri. school, adzer (PU: 07/11/05/015)
Gbe market i, close to market square (PU: 07/11/05/011)
Gbe market ii, close to market square (PU: 07/11/05/012)
Ihonam market, before market square (PU: 07/11/05/007)
Kookoko market square, close to market square (PU: 07/11/05/001)
Koti apera market, beside the market square (PU: 07/11/05/010)
Koti apera, ikpayar pri. school premises (PU: 07/11/05/009)
Lgea pri. school, hulo, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/019)
Lgea pri. school, kachi, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/020)
Lgea pri. school, kende, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/018)
Lgea pri. school, kuhe, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/016)
Lgea pri. school, uyough, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/05/017)
Lgea pri. school, uzege, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/05/006)
Lgea pri. school, yongo, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/005)
Nkst pri. school, iange, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/004)
Nkst. pri. school, bebe, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/003)
St. mary’s sec. school, school premises (PU: 07/11/05/002)
Tor igbudu, nkst. pri. school, adzer (PU: 07/11/05/013)
Tse dzurgba, close to dzurgba compound (PU: 07/11/05/008)

Mbaikyor Ward

(26 Polling Booths )
Abande market, before market square (PU: 07/11/06/022)
Ahile, lgea pri. school, ahile premises (PU: 07/11/06/026)
Ahundu market i, near market square (PU: 07/11/06/004)
Amahundu market i, close to market square (PU: 07/11/06/005)
Anwase market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/06/018)
Gss, anwase, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/06/019)
Ichol market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/06/001)
Ihindan i, rcm. pri. school, hindan (PU: 07/11/06/012)
Ihindan ii, rcm pri. school, hindan (PU: 07/11/06/013)
Imande ukusu, lgea pri. school, imande premises (PU: 07/11/06/024)
Ityu ukase, lgea pri. school, ityu-ukase (PU: 07/11/06/023)
Lgea pri. school, ichoron, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/06/009)
Lgea pri. school, kanshio, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/002)
Lgea school, adam, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/016)
Lgea school, ikyuna, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/007)
Lgea school, jato kumobur, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/008)
Nkst pri. school, azege, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/020)
Nkst. pri. school, chafa, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/021)
Nyihemba, rcm pri. school, nyihemba (PU: 07/11/06/011)
Rcm. pri. school wende, school premises (PU: 07/11/06/017)
Rcm. pri. school, igbondo, school, premises (PU: 07/11/06/003)
Saave, lgea pri. school, saave premises (PU: 07/11/06/014)
Tse mbam, close to tse mbam compound (PU: 07/11/06/010)
Tyopav, nkst pri school, tyopav (PU: 07/11/06/025)
Udeadeku, close to udeade market square (PU: 07/11/06/015)
Unongo village, close to village square (PU: 07/11/06/006)

Mbaketsa Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Ageraga market ii, close to market square (PU: 07/11/07/014)
Agerega market i, within market square (PU: 07/11/07/013)
Ajio-koti road, beside ajio bus stop (PU: 07/11/07/005)
Ajio-upev branch, beside ajio-upe juntion (PU: 07/11/07/004)
Ataimo market i, near market square (PU: 07/11/07/016)
Ataimo markwet ii, near market square (PU: 07/11/07/017)
Gom gire, near gom gire compound (PU: 07/11/07/001)
Gumyar aga, entrance of gumyar (PU: 07/11/07/002)
Kpengwa market, lgea pri. school, kpengwa (PU: 07/11/07/015)
Lgea pri. school, upev, school premises (PU: 07/11/07/006)
Rcm pri. school, imande, within school premises (PU: 07/11/07/010)
Rcm pri. school, yaji ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/07/012)
Rcm. pri. school, mbape, school premises (PU: 07/11/07/003)
Rcm. pri. school, ugo, school premises (PU: 07/11/07/008)
Rcm. pri. school, yaji i, school premises (PU: 07/11/07/011)
Tse atom gbe, close to atom gbe comp. (PU: 07/11/07/009)
Tswar ndor market, near market premises (PU: 07/11/07/007)

Mbayoo Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Guda village, close to guda village (PU: 07/11/12/009)
Lgea pri. school, ahundu i, school premises (PU: 07/11/12/005)
Lgea pri. school, ahundu ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/12/006)
Lgea pri. school, boon, school premises (PU: 07/11/12/008)
Lgea pri. school, haanya, school premises (PU: 07/11/12/002)
Tse gum, close to tse gum compound (PU: 07/11/12/004)
Tse hanior, close to hanior village (PU: 07/11/12/007)
Tse kajo, near tse kajo village (PU: 07/11/12/001)
Tse liev, close to tse liev compound (PU: 07/11/12/003)

Menev Ward

(18 Polling Booths )
Adagi market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/08/009)
Akpe imbusu, near imbush compound (PU: 07/11/08/015)
Auke gber, close to aule gber compound (PU: 07/11/08/006)
Igom, near igom market square (PU: 07/11/08/003)
Ivenger market, close to ivenger market (PU: 07/11/08/013)
Kelem, lgea pri. school, kelem premises (PU: 07/11/08/017)
Lgea pri. school, ayindi, school premises (PU: 07/11/08/016)
Lgea pri. school, dagba, school premises (PU: 07/11/08/010)
Lgea pri. school, ikurav-ya i, school premises (PU: 07/11/08/001)
Lgea pri. school, ikurav-ya ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/08/002)
Lgea pri. school, teghtegh, within school premises (PU: 07/11/08/007)
Lgea pri. school, ugugu, school premises (PU: 07/11/08/014)
Madonna high school, around school premises (PU: 07/11/08/008)
Mtom utsev, close to village square (PU: 07/11/08/018)
Tongo, lgea pri. school, tongo (PU: 07/11/08/012)
Tyogbende, close to tyogbenda market (PU: 07/11/08/004)
Ugee injiov, before ugee settlement (PU: 07/11/08/005)
Uso mela, before uso market square (PU: 07/11/08/011)

Moon Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Adange, beside adange compound (PU: 07/11/14/001)
Aguchenyi, ugea pri. school, aguchenyi (PU: 07/11/14/006)
Danikyo, around daniyo compound (PU: 07/11/14/010)
Fishin market, near market square (PU: 07/11/14/005)
Gbangban, before gbangban compound (PU: 07/11/14/013)
Lgea pri. school, igbudu, school premises (PU: 07/11/14/012)
Lgea pri. school, ityough, school premises (PU: 07/11/14/004)
Mbayon clinic, beside the clinic (PU: 07/11/14/003)
Shashe, before shashe market square (PU: 07/11/14/008)
Tse-abo, before tse-abo compound (PU: 07/11/14/011)
Tse-orshi, near tse-orshi village (PU: 07/11/14/009)
Wende, wende village premises (PU: 07/11/14/002)
Yande atum, close to yande’s compound (PU: 07/11/14/007)

Tondov i Ward

(12 Polling Booths )
Atsor market i, near atsor market square (PU: 07/11/09/009)
Atsor market ii, atsor, market premisesd (PU: 07/11/09/010)
Ikyegh-dam market, beside market square (PU: 07/11/09/007)
Iyon market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/09/006)
Lgea school, mbakunu i, school premises (PU: 07/11/09/003)
Lgea school, mbakunu ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/09/004)
Nkst pri. school, akaa, school premises (PU: 07/11/09/011)
Nkst. pri. school, kwentse, school premises (PU: 07/11/09/012)
Rcm pri. school, iyon, school premisesd (PU: 07/11/09/005)
Rcm. pri. school, mbapev, school premises (PU: 07/11/09/002)
Ticha market, near market square (PU: 07/11/09/001)
Tse kwange market, close to the market square (PU: 07/11/09/008)

Tondov ii Ward

(18 Polling Booths )
Ada market i, beside market square (PU: 07/11/10/013)
Ada market ii, beside market square (PU: 07/11/10/018)
Kobolo market, lgea pri. school, kobolo (PU: 07/11/10/017)
Koti market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/10/002)
Lgea pri. school, buter i, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/011)
Lgea pri. school, buter ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/012)
Lgea pri. school, koti, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/001)
Nkst. pri. school, abenga, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/010)
Nkst. pri. school, gese, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/015)
Nkst. pri. school, hingir, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/006)
Rcm pri. school, mbagbegba i, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/008)
Rcm. pri. school, aayongo, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/004)
Rcm. pri. school, aondoakaa, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/003)
Rcm. pri. school, mbagbegba ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/009)
Rcm. pri. school, mbahura, school premises (PU: 07/11/10/014)
Tse jam, close to tse jam compound (PU: 07/11/10/005)
Udema market, before market square (PU: 07/11/10/007)
Uvo market, close to market square (PU: 07/11/10/016)

Usar Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Dziwgwe village, close to village premises (PU: 07/11/11/005)
Ikyowen village, beside village premises (PU: 07/11/11/008)
Lgea pri. school, gube i, school premises (PU: 07/11/11/006)
Lgea pri. school, gube ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/11/007)
Nkst. pri. school, ikuran, school premises (PU: 07/11/11/002)
Puusu village, near village premises (PU: 07/11/11/001)
Tse anron, within tse akon village (PU: 07/11/11/004)
Tyogbenda uchi, before tyogbenda market (PU: 07/11/11/003)

Yaav Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Aga market i, beside market square (PU: 07/11/13/001)
Aga market ii, beside market square (PU: 07/11/13/002)
Diiv i, before diiv market square (PU: 07/11/13/008)
Diiv ii, before diiv market square (PU: 07/11/13/009)
Inundur, close to the market square (PU: 07/11/13/006)
Nkst. pri school, jato-aka ii, school premises (PU: 07/11/13/005)
Nkst. pri. school, jato-aka i, school premises (PU: 07/11/13/004)
Rcm. pri. school, atim, school premises (PU: 07/11/13/011)
Tse aga, beside tse aga compound (PU: 07/11/13/003)
Tse akough, near tse akough compound (PU: 07/11/13/012)
Tse jam, around tse jam compound (PU: 07/11/13/013)
Wanchiha, close to wanchaha market (PU: 07/11/13/010)
Waya jape, niger waya market square (PU: 07/11/13/007)

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