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Lagos State Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals


Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) In Lagos State Which Also Serves As Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals In Lagos State

Lagos State Ministries and Website Address

S/N Ministry Website Address
1 Ministry Of Agriculture agriculture.lagosstate.gov.ng
2 Ministry Of Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives mcic.lagosstate.gov.ng
3 Ministry Of Economic Planning & Budget mepb.lagosstate.gov.ng
4 Ministry Of Education education.lagosstate.gov.ng
5 Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources  memr.lagosstate.gov.ng
6 Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensions metp.lagosstate.gov.ng
7 Ministry of Finance finance.lagosstate.gov.ng
8 Ministry Of Health health.lagosstate.gov.ng
9 Ministry Of Home Affairs homeaffair.lagosstate.gov.ng
10 Ministry Of Housing housing.lagosstate.gov.ng
11 Ministry Of Information & Strategy information.lagosstate.gov.ng
12 Ministry of Justice justice.lagosstate.gov.ng
13 Ministry of Local Government & Community Affairs mlgca.lagosstate.gov.ng
14 Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development mppud.lagosstate.gov.ng
15 Ministry of Science & Technology most.lagosstate.gov.ng
16 Ministry Of Special Duties & Intergovernmental Relations specialduties.lagosstate.gov.ng
17 Ministry of the Environment environment.lagosstate.gov.ng
18 Ministry Of Transportation transportation.lagosstate.gov.ng
19 Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development waterfront.lagosstate.gov.ng
20  Ministry of Works & Infrastruucture worksandinfrastructure.lagosstate.gov.ng
21 Ministry of Youth & Social Development youthandsocialdevelopment.lagosstate.gov.ng
22 Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture tourismartandculture.lagosstate.gov.ng
23 Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation wapa.lagosstate.gov.ng
24 Ministry Of Wealth Creation And Employment wealthcreation.lagosstate.gov.ng
25 Lagos State Sports Commission sportcommission.lagosstate.gov.ng
26 Central Business Districts cbd.lagosstate.gov.ng
27 Office of Overseas Affairs and Investment overseasaffairs.lagosstate.gov.ng
28 Office of Civic Engagement civicengagement.lagosstate.gov.ng
29 Lands Bureau landsbureau.lagosstate.gov.ng
30 Office of State Auditor-General auditorgeneral.lagosstate.gov.ng
31 Education District I educationdistrict1.lagosstate.gov.ng
32 Education District II educationdistrict2.lagosstate.gov.ng
33 Education District III educationdistrict3.lagosstate.gov.ng
34 Education District IV educationdistrict4.lagosstate.gov.ng
35 Education District V educationdistrict5.lagosstate.gov.ng
36 Education District VI educationdistrict6.lagosstate.gov.ng
37 Lagos State Civil Service Commission civilservice.lagosstate.gov.ng
38 Audit Service Commission asc.lagosstate.gov.ng
39 Health Service Commission hsc.lagosstate.gov.ng
40 Local Government Service Commission lgsc.lagosstate.gov.ng
41 Teachers Establishment and Pensions Office,TEPO teachersestablishment.lagosstate.gov.ng
42 Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission lasiec.lagosstate.gov.ng
43 Lagos State Primary Healtth Care Board primaryhealthcare.lagosstate.gov.ng
44 Civil Service Pension Office cspo.lagosstate.gov.ng

Lagos State Department/Agency and Parastatals and their Website Address

S/N Department/Agency/Office Website Address
1 Drain Ducks drainducks.lagosstate.gov.ng
2 Lagos State Film and Video Censors Board lsfvcb.lagosstate.gov.ng
3 Hotel Licensing Authority hla.lagosstate.gov.ng
4 Judicial Service Commission jsc.lagosstate.gov.ng
5 Lagos State Environmental Sanitation Corps lagesc.lagosstate.gov.ng
6 Lagos State Agric Inputs Supply Authority laisa.lagosstate.gov.ng
7 Lagos State Agricultural Land Holdings Authority (ALHA) alha.lagosstate.gov.ng
8 Lagos State Agricutural Development Authority ada.lagosstate.gov.ng
9 Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services bloodtransfusion.lagosstate.gov.ng
10 Lagos State Building Control Agency buildingcontrol.lagosstate.gov.ng
11 Lagos State Security Trust Fund lsstf.lagosstate.gov.ng
12 Lagos State Infrastructure Asset Management Agency,LASIAMA lasiama.lagosstate.gov.ng
13 Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture artandculture.lagosstate.gov.ng
14 Radio Lagos http://radiolagos.org/
15 EkoFm http://ekofm.org/
16 Lagos State Electricity Board electricityboard.lagosstate.gov.ng
17 Lagos State Emergency Management Agency lasema.lagosstate.gov.ng
18 Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Enforcement Unit taskforce.lagosstate.gov.ng
19 Lagos State Environmental protection Agency lasepa.lagosstate.gov.ng
20 Lagos State Examination Board examboard.lagosstate.gov.ng
21 Lagos State Ferry Services Corporation ferryservices.lagosstate.gov.ng
22 Lagos Traffic Radio trafficradio.lagosstate.gov.ng
23 Lagos State Liaison Office liaisonoffice.lagosstate.gov.ng
24 Lagos State Library Board libraryboard.lagosstate.gov.ng
25 Lagos State Metropolitan Area Transport Authority lamata.lagosstate.gov.ng
26 Lagos State Muslim Pilgrims’ Welfare Board muslimpilgrims.lagosstate.gov.ng
27 Lagos State Office for Disability Affairs (LASODA) lasoda.lagosstate.gov.ng
28 Lagos State Planning & Environmental Monitoring Authority environmentalmonitoring.lagosstate.gov.ng
29 Lagos State Printing Corporation printing.lagosstate.gov.ng
30 Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Centre staffdevelopment.lagosstate.gov.ng
31 Lagos State Public Works Corporation publicworks.lagosstate.gov.ng
32 Lagos State Records and Archives Bureau (LASRAB) lasrab.lagosstate.gov.ng
33 Lagos State Scholarship Board scholarshipboard.lagosstate.gov.ng
34 Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency (LASAA) lasaa.lagosstate.gov.ng
35 Lagos State Sports Commission sportcommission.lagosstate.gov.ng
36 Lagos State Teachers Establishment and Pensions Office teachersestablishment.lagosstate.gov.ng
37 Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board traditionalmedicine.lagosstate.gov.ng
38 Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) lastma.lagosstate.gov.ng
39 Lagos State Universal basic Education Board subeb.lagosstate.gov.ng
40 Lagos State University lasu.lagosstate.gov.ng
41 Lagos State University Teaching Hospital lasuth.lagosstate.gov.ng
42 Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority (LASURA) lasura.lagosstate.gov.ng
43 Lagos State Valuation Office valuationoffice.lagosstate.gov.ng
44 Lagos State Water Corporation watercorporation.lagosstate.gov.ng
45 Lagos Television (LTV/LWT) ltv.lagosstate.gov.ng
46 Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) lawma.lagosstate.gov.ng
47 New Towns Development Authority www.ntda.lg.gov.ng
48 Office of Surveyor General surveyorgeneral.lagosstate.gov.ng
49 Lagos State Safety Commission safetycommission.lagosstate.gov.ng
50 Lagos State Technical & Vocational Education Board lstveb.lagosstate.gov.ng
51 Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) lasrra.lagosstate.gov.ng
52 Local Government Establishment,Training & Pension Office lgetpo.lagosstate.gov.ng
53 Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) laswa.lagosstate.gov.ng
54 Office of Public Defender opd.lagosstate.gov.ng
55 Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority(LASPPPA) laspppa.lagosstate.gov.ng
56 Lagos State Market Development Board marketdevelopment.lagosstate.gov.ng
57 Lagos State Public Procurement Agency publicprocurement.lagosstate.gov.ng
58 Lagos State Driver’s Institute driversinstitute.lagosstate.gov.ng
59 Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) laspark.lagosstate.gov.ng
60 Agency For Mass Literacy, Adult & Non-Formal Education adulteducation.lagosstate.gov.ng
61 Office Of Transformation, Creativity & Innovation otci.lagosstate.gov.ng
62 Motor Vehicle Administration Agency mvaa.lagosstate.gov.ng
63 Lagos State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board christianpilgrims.lagosstate.gov.ng
64 Law Enforcement Training Institute leti.lagosstate.gov.ng
65 Lagos State Water Regulatory Commission (LSWRC) lswrc.lagosstate.gov.ng
66 Lagos State Fire Service fireservice.lagosstate.gov.ng
67 Lagos State Mortgage Board lagoshoms.lagosstate.gov.ng
68 Lagos State Material Testing Laboratory,LSMTL lsmtl.lagosstate.gov.ng
69 Lagos State Pension Commission laspec.lagosstate.gov.ng
70 LAGBUS lagbus.lagosstate.gov.ng
71 Office of Auditor-General (Local Government) oaglg.lagosstate.gov.ng
72 Land Use Charge landusecharge.lagosstate.gov.ng
73 Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency lansa.lagosstate.gov.ng
74 Office Of Education Quality Assurance oeqa.lagosstate.gov.ng
75 Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA) www.lasimra.gov.ng
76 Office of Public-Private Partnerships www.ppplagos.com
77 Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency (LASCOPA) lascopa.lagosstate.gov.ng


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