List Of Hotels In Kano state

See Below The List Of Hotels In Kano state

  1. Royal tropicana hotel limited
  2. Tahir guest palace
  3. Green palace hotels limited
  4. New paradise guest inn
  5. Green desert palm hotels
  6. World travels and tours limited
  7. Burj al kano hotel limited
  8. Daruliman tourist and travel agency limited
  9. Royal tropicana motel
  10. Royal tropicana motel annex
  11. Princess motel
  12. Havana guest inn
  13. Tahir guest palace
  14. Badala hotel
  15. Nordy meridian hotel
  16. Nuru guest inn
  17. Feldingo global hotel limited
  18. Phinas guest house
  19. Jossy royal hotel
  20. International hotels ltd

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