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List Of NGOs In Bauchi State


This List Contains The Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) In 

Community Action For Popular Participation (Capp)
Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi

Federation Of Muslim Womens Association Of Nigeria
Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi

Ecwa Toro Dcc Remittance Account
Kari, Darazo, Bauchi

Albishir Clinic And Maternity

Future Leaders Forum
Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi

Tsafi Alheri Animal Traction Cooperative Society Limited
Yana, Shira, Bauchi

Primary Health Centre
Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi

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Jalamisco Association Of The Deaf
Jahun Jaja, Bauchi, Bauchi

Tship Nigeria
Bauchi, Bauchi

Takkan Youth Fattening Cooperative Society Limited
Jambil Bula District, Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi

Alheri Women Azare Animal Rearers Corporative Society
Katagum, Bauchi

Alike News
Ahmadu Bello Way, Bauchi, Bauchi

Association For Reproductive And Family Health
Bauchi, Bauchi

Rahama Women Development Progress
Darazo, Bauchi

Bauchi State NYSC Orientation Camp Details: Location & Address

N1 Lady’s Detective
Bauchi, Bauchi

Women Empowerment Initiative
Yelwa Tudu, Bauchi, Bauchi

Sharing Education And Learning For Lifee (SELL) Foundation
G.R.A Bauchi, Bauchi, Bauchi

Rockview Foundation
Bauchi, Bauchi

Fahimta Women And Youth Development Initiatives
Bauchi, Bauchi

Kari Education Development Forum
Darazo, Bauchi

Global Community Health Watch Organisation
Darazo, Bauchi

Traders And Artisan Cooperative Society Limited
Darazo, Bauchi

Bauchi State Yearly Budget From Creation Till Date

Toro Ward 1 Elders Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Toro, Bauchi

Wildlife Conservation Society
Alkaleri, Bauchi

Prof. Iya Abubakar Community Resource Centre Bauchi
Bauchi, Bauchi

Gimbiya Farm (Gimbiya General Enterprises Limited))
Darazo, Bauchi

Gameda Community Education Trust Fund
Gamawa, Bauchi

Goljaredi Development And Mixed Farmers Society Limited
Toro, Bauchi

Tawaila Himma Millet Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Shira, Bauchi

Zigau Poultry Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Yana, Shira, Bauchi

Gamawa Gabasawa Small Animal Ruminant Cooperative Society
Gamawa, Bauchi

Bauchi State Debt Profile – Past & Present

Kubi Zalanga Youth And Women Fca Fadama User Cooperative Limited
Ganjuwa, Bauchi

Future Youth Initiatives
Bauchi, Bauchi

Sesame Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Kari, Darazo, Bauchi

Women Citizenship Club Bogoro
Bogoro, Bauchi

Nagarta Unguwan Bolewa Cooperative Society
Darazo, Bauchi

Alangari Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Misau, Bauchi

Soro Rice Farmers Cooperative Society Limited
Ganjuwa, Bauchi

List Of Local Governments In Bauchi state

Bauchi State Polling Units/Wards

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