List Of Nigeria Brewery Products

Nigeria Brewery Products
Nigeria Brewery Products

List Of Drinks Produced By The Nigeria Brewery

33 Export Lager (January 2015)
Ace Passion Apple Spark (December 2014)
Ace Rhythm (September 2015)
Ace Roots (April 2015)
Breezer (January 2015), in three varieties of fruit-flavoured bacardi drink
Goldberg Lager (October 2011)
Gulder lager beer(1970) Pale Lager
Heineken Lager(June 1998) Premium Lager
Legend Extra Stout (1992) 7.5% ABV Extra Stout
Life Continental Lager (October 2011)
More Lager (January 2015)
Star Lager (launched in 1949) Pale Lager
Star Lite Lager (February 2014) Pale Lager
Star Radler (July 2015)
Star TripleX (September 2015)
Strongbow Cider (November 2015)
Turbo King Stout (January 2015)
Williams Dark Ale (January 2015)

Alcohol-free drinks Produced By The Nigeria Brewery

AmstelMalta (1994).
Climax Energy drink
Fayrouz, in pear, pineapple and exotic flavour(2006)
Himalt (January 2015)
Malta Gold (October 2011)
Maltex (January 2015)
Maltina (1976), in three varieties, namely Maltina Classic, Maltina Strawberry, and Maltina Pineapple; Maltina Sip-it (2005), in Tetrapak;

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