List Of Towns And Villages In Uyo L.G.A, Akwa Ibom State

List of Towns and Villages in Uyo LGA
Offot District
Afaha Offot
Aka Offot
Annua Oboo
Anua Obio Offot
Anua Offot
Atan Offot
Effiat Offot
Ekpri Nsukara
Eniong Offot
Ewet Offot
Ibiaku Offot
Ikot Anyang
Ikot Ekpe Offot
Ikot Ntueh Offot
Ikot Oku Ido Offot
Ikot Okubo
Nsukara Offot
Obio Offot
Use Atai
Use Ikot Ebio
Use Offot
Uyo Offot

Etoi District
Ifa Atai
Ifa Ikot
Ifa Ikot Abia Ntuen
Ifa Ikot Akpan
Ifa Ikot Akpan Abia
Ifa Ikot Idang
Ifa Ikot Obong
Ifa Ikot Ubo
Ifa Ikot-Akpabio
Ifa Ikot-Okpon
Ikot Abasi Nkpo
Ikot Inyang Idung
Itiam Etoi
Itian Ikot Ebia
Mbak Akpan Ekpenyong
Mbak Ikot Abasi
Mbak Ikot Ebo
Mbiabong Anyanya
Mbiabong Ikot Abasi
Mbiabong Ikot-Antem
Miabong Ikot
Obio Etoi
Obot Obom Etoi

Oku District
Afaha Idoro
Afaha Oku
Iba Oku
Ikot Akpan Ediene
Ikot Akpan Oku
Ikot Ebido
Ikot Ntuen-Oku
Ikot Oku
Ikot Udoro
Nduetong Oku
Nung Edong Ediene
Nung Obio Enang Idoro
Nung Udoe Ediene
Nung Uyo Idoro

Ikono District
Anan Ikono
Ikot Ayan
Ikot Ebo
Ikot Eboro
Ikot Edung
Ikot Ekpeyak
Ikot Enyienge
Ikot Iton
Ikot Mbong
Ikot Nsung
Ikot Obio Mkpon
Ikot Offiong
Ikot Ofong
Ikot Oku Ikono
Minya Ikono
Nung Asang
Nung Ukim

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