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(10 Wards )

Mbadyul Ward 

(11 Polling Booths )
Abeda village/market square (PU: 07/12/01/006)
Akusa village/akusa village (PU: 07/12/01/011)
Anima village/anima village (PU: 07/12/01/009)
Kaakighir village/kaakighir village (PU: 07/12/01/007)
Nkst. school gondozua/gondozua (PU: 07/12/01/002)
Rcm school, gondozua-gondozua play ground (PU: 07/12/01/001)
Rcm. school abeda/pri. school (PU: 07/12/01/005)
Tarmena village/tarmena village (PU: 07/12/01/010)
Tiza village/tiza village (PU: 07/12/01/008)
Torkukwa village/torkukwa village (PU: 07/12/01/004)
Tse-jiir village/tse-jiir village (PU: 07/12/01/003)

Mbagber Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Anyiin market square/amiin settlement (PU: 07/12/02/007)
Asema village/asema (PU: 07/12/02/012)
Imande north/anyiin market square (PU: 07/12/02/006)
Jinga market square/market square (PU: 07/12/02/005)
Lgea school, anyiin/play ground (PU: 07/12/02/004)
Lgea school, mchia/mchia settlement (PU: 07/12/02/008)
Lgea school, uiwev/uiwev (PU: 07/12/02/011)
M.o.w. camp village/m.o.w. camp (PU: 07/12/02/014)
Nkst. school, anyiin/anyiin settlement (PU: 07/12/02/002)
Nkst. school, kwagh/kwagh (PU: 07/12/02/010)
Rcm school, akombo/akombo (PU: 07/12/02/001)
Rcm school, anyiin/play ground (PU: 07/12/02/003)
Rcm. school, tyoban/tyoban (PU: 07/12/02/009)
Tse-iorbo village/tse-iorbo (PU: 07/12/02/013)

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Mbater Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Akinde village – tse akinde (PU: 07/12/03/013)
Amatso village – amatso (PU: 07/12/03/010)
Asom village/asom (PU: 07/12/03/001)
Igea school, kulegwa – kulegwa (PU: 07/12/03/011)
Imande adega – tse adega (PU: 07/12/03/012)
Lgea school, orbiam/tse orgiam (PU: 07/12/03/004)
Nkst. school, mbaasa/mbaasa (PU: 07/12/03/007)
Rcm. school, aganyi – tse aganyi (PU: 07/12/03/008)
Rcm. school, nev/tse nev (PU: 07/12/03/003)
Tse abuul village/tse abuul (PU: 07/12/03/005)
Tse kyausu village/tse kyausu (PU: 07/12/03/006)
Tse-kyanyon village/tse kyanyon (PU: 07/12/03/002)
Ukange village – tse ukange (PU: 07/12/03/009)

Mbavuur Ward 

(15 Polling Booths )
Abeda market square/abeda settlement (PU: 07/12/05/003)
Anglican school, ingbian/ingbian (PU: 07/12/05/011)
Indyer village/indyer (PU: 07/12/05/014)
Lgea school, abeda/abeda settlement (PU: 07/12/05/001)
Mikst school agov/agov (PU: 07/12/05/009)
Nkst school, abeda/abeda settlement (PU: 07/12/05/004)
Nkst. igbonghour/igbonghour (PU: 07/12/05/010)
Nkst. school, gargum/gaagum (PU: 07/12/05/005)
Nkst. school, shenge/shenge (PU: 07/12/05/007)
Orwua village/orwua (PU: 07/12/05/006)
Rcm. school abeda/abeda settlement (PU: 07/12/05/002)
Rcm. school, agbaam/agbaam (PU: 07/12/05/008)
Rcm. school, nyoosu/nyoosu (PU: 07/12/05/013)
Tse-pagher village/tse-pagher (PU: 07/12/05/012)
Tse-wav village/tse-wav (PU: 07/12/05/015)

Mbayam Ward 

(12 Polling Booths )
Akume village/ugba town (PU: 07/12/04/001)
Gwabo village/tse gwabo (PU: 07/12/04/007)
Gwe village/tse gwe (PU: 07/12/04/009)
Igbalagh village/tse igbalagh (PU: 07/12/04/006)
Kave town/tse kave (PU: 07/12/04/010)
Laav village/laav (PU: 07/12/04/008)
Lgea tsenge/ugba town (PU: 07/12/04/003)
Local govt. clinic/ugba town (PU: 07/12/04/005)
Luamnyam village/tse luamnyam (PU: 07/12/04/012)
Makir worshop/ugba town (PU: 07/12/04/004)
Tse-ankon village/tse ankon (PU: 07/12/04/011)
Ugba market square/ugba town (PU: 07/12/04/002)

Nenzev Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Agaku village/tse agaku (PU: 07/12/06/010)
Gbanyam village/tse gbanyam (PU: 07/12/06/009)
Ihoor village/tse ihoor (PU: 07/12/06/006)
Ikor market square/tse ikor (PU: 07/12/06/008)
Lgea school tse-igbon/igbon (PU: 07/12/06/005)
Lgea school, aluor/tse aluor (PU: 07/12/06/007)
Lgea school-tse ityokyaa/ityokyaa (PU: 07/12/06/001)
Rcm. school shakume/tse shakume (PU: 07/12/06/004)
Rcm. school, diba/tse diba (PU: 07/12/06/003)
Tse-pagher village/tse pagher (PU: 07/12/06/002)

Tombo Ward 

(22 Polling Booths )
Asuntu market square/market square (PU: 07/12/07/020)
Ayilamo village/market square (PU: 07/12/07/014)
Azege market square/market square (PU: 07/12/07/010)
Fofi settlement/fofi settlement (PU: 07/12/07/015)
Genyi settlement/genyi settlement (PU: 07/12/07/002)
Leprosy clinic, nyamkume/nyamkume (PU: 07/12/07/021)
Lgea audu pri. school/audu school (PU: 07/12/07/018)
Lgea school, aman/aman settlement (PU: 07/12/07/005)
Lgea school, gbeleve/gbeleve school (PU: 07/12/07/006)
Lgea school, kulungu/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/017)
Lgea school, poovule/poovule school (PU: 07/12/07/007)
Lgea school, uzer/uzer school (PU: 07/12/07/012)
Nkst school, gwatse/gwatse settlement (PU: 07/12/07/004)
Nkst school, mbakighir/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/016)
Nkst. school anakaa/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/019)
Nkst. school anungwa/anungwa settlement (PU: 07/12/07/003)
Nkst. school ikyuemen/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/013)
Nkst. school tyogbihi/tyogbihi settlement (PU: 07/12/07/001)
Nkst. school, azege/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/009)
Rcm. school, getim/getim school (PU: 07/12/07/022)
Swaki village/pri. school (PU: 07/12/07/008)
Tatse village/tatse village (PU: 07/12/07/011)

Turan Ward 

(7 Polling Booths )
Dooshima market square/dusa (PU: 07/12/08/007)
Lgea school, maga/tse maga (PU: 07/12/08/003)
Nkst. school, abokwen/tse abokwen (PU: 07/12/08/001)
Nkst. school, ugo/tse ugo (PU: 07/12/08/002)
Rcm. school, azua/tse azua (PU: 07/12/08/005)
Rcm. school, hingir/tse hingil (PU: 07/12/08/006)
Rcm. school, jun/tse jun (PU: 07/12/08/004)

Ukembergya/iswarev Ward

(14 Polling Booths )
Chembe village/tse chembe (PU: 07/12/09/006)
Ikura village/ikula (PU: 07/12/09/013)
Iorja village/tse iorja (PU: 07/12/09/007)
Jootar village/tse jootar (PU: 07/12/09/002)
Lgea school, agbu/tse agbu (PU: 07/12/09/003)
Lgea school, mondo/tse mondo (PU: 07/12/09/010)
Lgea school, mou ii – tse mou (PU: 07/12/09/012)
Lgea school, mou/tse mou (PU: 07/12/09/011)
Lgea school, uombur/uombur (PU: 07/12/09/001)
Lgea school. ubaver/tse ubaver (PU: 07/12/09/009)
Mngbakpa village/tse mngbakpa (PU: 07/12/09/005)
Nkst. school adawa/tse adawa (PU: 07/12/09/008)
Rcm tse igbur/tse igbur (PU: 07/12/09/014)
Tse hwer village/tse hwer (PU: 07/12/09/004)

Yonov Ward 

(13 Polling Booths )
Abiem-gbande village/abiem gbande (PU: 07/12/10/012)
Kajiva village/kajiva (PU: 07/12/10/013)
Lgea school, akaa/akaa pri. school (PU: 07/12/10/001)
Lgea school, akaayar/akaayar (PU: 07/12/10/006)
Lgea school, baka/pri. school (PU: 07/12/10/002)
Lgea school, tse-atetan/primary school (PU: 07/12/10/003)
Lgea school, tse-gber/tse-gber (PU: 07/12/10/004)
Lgea school, yatiev/yatiev (PU: 07/12/10/005)
Nkst school, iorshagher/iorshagher (PU: 07/12/10/008)
Rcm school, oralu/oralu (PU: 07/12/10/009)
Tse-agera village/tse-agera (PU: 07/12/10/011)
Weghgba village/weghgba village (PU: 07/12/10/010)
Zanzan village/zanzan village (PU: 07/12/10/007)


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