Lokoja L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Eggan Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Eggan tifain area, lgea sch. eggan (PU: 22/12/10/001)
Eggan/jukdan area, open space, eggan (PU: 22/12/10/002)
Eggan/kusokapa area, open space, kusokapa (PU: 22/12/10/004)
Emikpangi area, open space, emikpangi (PU: 22/12/10/003)
Kinami tako, open space, kinami tako (PU: 22/12/10/006)
Kinami tifain, open space, kinami tifain (PU: 22/12/10/005)

Kakanda Ward

(13 Polling Booths )
Ashe area, open space, ashe (PU: 22/12/09/008)
Atungbele area, open space, atungbele (PU: 22/12/09/001)
Budon-tsofo area, open space, budon-isofo (PU: 22/12/09/010)
Buge/nambata, open space, buge (PU: 22/12/09/013)
Doji area, open space, doji (PU: 22/12/09/011)
Edo area, open space, edo (PU: 22/12/09/012)
Gori /arah area, open space, gori (PU: 22/12/09/006)
Kerege area, open space, kerege (PU: 22/12/09/003)
Shevun area, open space shevun (PU: 22/12/09/005)
Taji area, open space, taji (PU: 22/12/09/009)
Taraba area, open space, taraba (PU: 22/12/09/007)
Yagba area, open space, yagba (PU: 22/12/09/002)
Yebba area, open space, yebba (PU: 22/12/09/004)

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Kupa north east Ward

(9 Polling Booths )
Agini/ buzhi lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/06/001)
Danbo/isanawa/kpatako open space danbo (PU: 22/12/06/008)
Ebbe/mizza area open space (PU: 22/12/06/004)
Ebwa area open space, ebwa (PU: 22/12/06/005)
Girri area, girri lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/06/007)
Kapu area kapu lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/06/006)
Lagan area lagan lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/06/002)
Mabo/najogun open space, najogun (PU: 22/12/06/009)
Mami area mami lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/06/003)

Kupa south west Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Abugi area abugi lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/001)
Awumi area open space, awumi (PU: 22/12/07/005)
Balagan area balagan lgea sch (PU: 22/12/07/008)
Elagan area elagan lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/009)
Fikara area fikara lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/003)
Gbebu/dankuzhi, gbebu lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/007)
Karagi area open space karagi (PU: 22/12/07/010)
Kayinko area kayinko lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/002)
Kpoku/karagi area open space, kpoku (PU: 22/12/07/006)
Migegi area migegi lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/07/004)

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Lokoja – a Ward

(23 Polling Booths )
Achai/dogo street adankolo, open space (PU: 22/12/01/021)
Adankolo new layout, open space near fehintolu (PU: 22/12/01/007)
Adankolo, lgea rpim. school i (PU: 22/12/01/006)
Adankolo, open space health clinic (PU: 22/12/01/005)
Ajagbe mech/moremi rest.open space, near mechanic (PU: 22/12/01/008)
Ajara/jakura, open space jakura (PU: 22/12/01/009)
Ansarul prim. school, ansarul rpim. sch. (PU: 22/12/01/019)
Cinema hall/angwa munchi, open space, cinema hall (PU: 22/12/01/018)
Crowther memo/sabon gari (PU: 22/12/01/012)
Gra/lkj club, open space, lokoja club (PU: 22/12/01/016)
Holy trinity prim. sch., holy trinity prim. sch. (PU: 22/12/01/020)
Lga secret./nepa open space, lga secret. (PU: 22/12/01/014)
Lgea sec./nepa, open space, lga secretariat (PU: 22/12/01/010)
Lokongoma village front of comm. sec. sch. (PU: 22/12/01/004)
Lokowgoma/phase i, lgea sch. lokongoma (PU: 22/12/01/023)
Mami market, near bus stop (PU: 22/12/01/001)
Mami market, open space inside mami mkt. (PU: 22/12/01/022)
Marine quarters, open space, near old mobil dept. (PU: 22/12/01/013)
Open space opposite mami market (PU: 22/12/01/002)
Part of new layout near amole’s open space (PU: 22/12/01/015)
Phase ii/workers village, near state secretariat (PU: 22/12/01/003)
Speb, open space (PU: 22/12/01/017)
St. mary lgea sec. st, mary prim. sch. (PU: 22/12/01/011)

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Lokoja – b Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
C.s.s. bookshop area open space, near c.s.s. (PU: 22/12/02/006)
Cantoment quarters open space near union bank (PU: 22/12/02/005)
Cantonment quarters open space near g.b.o. (PU: 22/12/02/007)
Karaworo south near paparanda square (PU: 22/12/02/001)
Karaworo south open space, near nrc secr. (PU: 22/12/02/002)
Kwatankoto south/angwa masara old mkt. open space, angwa masala (PU: 22/12/02/004)
Shaba yagi area open space (PU: 22/12/02/003)

Lokoja – Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Angwa kura/mahadi open space (PU: 22/12/04/006)
Angwa power, open space (PU: 22/12/04/005)
Angwa rimi area, open space, angwa rimi (PU: 22/12/04/001)
Inuwa lenge area open space (PU: 22/12/04/004)
Madabo area open space (PU: 22/12/04/003)
Yaragi area, open space (PU: 22/12/04/002)

Lokoja – e Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Galilee are open space, galilee (PU: 22/12/05/005)
Kabawa area open space, lga sch. kabawa (PU: 22/12/05/003)
Kabawa area, open soace (PU: 22/12/05/002)
Kporoka area open space, kporoka (PU: 22/12/05/004)
Kwata koto north area, open space (PU: 22/12/05/001)
Sariki noma area open space, sariki noma (PU: 22/12/05/006)
Sarikin noma area open space (garage) opp. b.div. (PU: 22/12/05/008)
Teacher’s coll. area open space, near poly. gate (PU: 22/12/05/007)

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Oworo Ward

(17 Polling Booths )
Adogbe area, adogbe lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/002)
Agbaja area , agbaja lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/001)
Agbodo area, open space agbodo (PU: 22/12/08/017)
Akoji area open space akoji (PU: 22/12/08/016)
Akpata area, akpata lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/014)
Banda/kungbani area, banda lgea sch (PU: 22/12/08/012)
Felere area, felere lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/004)
Ibaru area, open space, ibaru (PU: 22/12/08/003)
Igbonla area, igbonla open space (PU: 22/12/08/010)
Jakura area, jakura lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/005)
Jamata area, open space, jamata (PU: 22/12/08/007)
Ohono/ijiho area, ijiho lgea sch (PU: 22/12/08/008)
Oshokoshoko area, oshokoshoko lgea sch (PU: 22/12/08/015)
Otube area, otube lgea sch. (PU: 22/12/08/013)
Owara area, owara lgea sch (PU: 22/12/08/009)
Oyo area, open space, oyo (PU: 22/12/08/011)
Tajimi/emu/ogbagbon area, open space, tajimi (PU: 22/12/08/006)

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