Longrich Membership Entry Levels


Longrich pays advanced powerful compensation of 4 Bonuses and 3 Incentives to her distributors which offers great profitability; thereby eliminates the weaknesses and drawbacks of traditional network system and also propels Longrich distributors towards financial freedom.

Membership Entry Levels
Entry LevelsQualificationRankingRegistration FeesPercentage
1Platinum VIP1680 PVDiamond 2NGN 650,000.0012% + 1% GS
2Platinum720 PVDiamond 1NGN 300,000.0012%
3Gold240 PVPre-DiamondNGN 120,000.0010%
4Silver120 PVPre-DiamondNGN 60,000.008%
5Combo4 PVNANGN 9,800.00NA


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