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Major Rivers In Algeria


Sig River
Mebtouh River
Chelif River
Mina River
Djediouia River
Ghiou River (Riou River)
Sly River
Tsighaout River
Fodda River
Rouina River (Zeddine River)
Ebda River
Massine River
Deurdeur River
Akoum River
Nahr Ouassel River
Touil River
Mazafran River
Harrach River
Reghaïa River
Boudouaou River
Isser River
Malah River
Sebaou River
Soummam River
Amassine River
Bou Sellam River
Sahel River
Kebîr River (Jijel)
Enndja River
Rummel River
Guebli River
Safsâf River
Kebir River (Skikda)
Seybouse River
Cherf River
Kebîr River (El Taref)
Medjerda River
Mellègue River
Ksob River (Chabro)
Meskiana River


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