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Major Rivers In Anambra State


The Anambra River (Igbo:Ọnwụbala ; Ọma Mbala), the natural landmark from which Anambra State was created, was named by the white men as Anam Branch of the River Niger. This name later came to be shortened to Anam bra (Anambra), the name it officially bears till date.

The Anam people, literally surrounded on all sides by the river, call it “Ọnwụbala” , though other neighbouring towns like Umuleri (umueri) and Aguleri refer to it locally as “Omambala”.

The Anambra River flows 210 kilometres (130 mi) into the Niger River and is found in Anambra, Nigeria. The river is the most important feeder of the River Niger below Lokoja. The flow of the Anambra river is released into the Atlantic through various outlets forming the 25,000-square-kilometre (9,700 sq mi) Niger Delta region.

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