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Major Rivers In Cambodia


Saigon River
Bassac River (distributary)
Tonlé Sap
Krang Ponley River
Boribo River
Chinit River
Kambot River (Stung Chinit)
Slap river
Tang Krasang River
Sen River
Sraka Moan River
Stung Kambot (Stung Sen)
Stung Stoung River
Stung Neang Sa Sngach
Stung Chickreng River
Pursat River (Pothisat River)
Stung Peam
Moung Russey River

System Of Government In Cambodia

Natural And Mineral Resources In Cambodia

Top 10 Largest Cities In Cambodia

Countries That Share Border With Cambodia

Major Rivers In The World By Countries

Stung Roluos
Siem Reap River
Stung Kambot (Tonlé Sap)
Sangker River (Sang Ke River)
Chas River
Stung Sreng River
Stung Battambang River
Mongkol Borei River
Stung Pheas River
Stung Kampong Krasaing
Sisophon River
Stung Svay Chek River
Tonlé San
Kong River
Srepok River
Gulf of Thailand
Kampong Trak River
Kah Bpow River
Tatai River

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