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Major Rivers In Jamaica


Below are the list of Major Rivers In Jamaica

Black River 53.4 St. Elizabeth
Buff Bay River 22.2 Portland
Cabaritta River 39.7 Westmoreland
Dean’s River 17.1 Westmoreland
Great River 46 St. James
Hector’s River 5.1 Portland
Hope River 19.6 St. Andrew
Lucea East River 12.9 Hanover
Lucea West River 14 Hanover
Martha Brae River 32.5 Trelawny
Milk River 36.4 Clarendon
Montego River 24.1 St. James
Morant River 25.9 St. Thomas
Negril River 15.3 Westmoreland
Plantain Garden River 34.9 St. Thomas
Rio Cobre 50.9 St. Catherine
Rio Grande 34.3 Portland
Rio Minho 92.5 Clarendon
Rio Nueve 24 St. Mary
Wag Water River 36.2 St. Mary
White River 27.4 St. Ann
Yallahs River 36.9 St. Thomas

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