Major Rivers In Samoa

Major Rivers In Samoa

  1. Clilate River
  2. Eastern Branch Vaisigano River
  3. Fagatoloa River
  4. Faleaseela River
  5. Falefa River
  6. Falevai River
  7. Fuluasou River
  8. Gataivai River
  9. Lata River
  10. Leafe River
  11. Maliolio River
  12. Matalipi River
  13. Middle Branch Vaisigano River
  14. Namo River
  15. Nuusuatia River
  16. Saleseu River
  17. Sa’anapu River
  18. Seugagogo River
  19. Tumu o le Manu River
  20. Vaiola River
  21. Vaisigano River
  22. Weatern Branch Vaisigano River

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