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Major Rivers In Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia does not have any permanent rivers, but has numerous wadis which are riverbeds that are either permanently or intermittently dry.

Note: The list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream’s name.

Red Sea

  1. Wadi Aful
  2. Wadi as Surr
  3. Wadi al-Hamd
    -Wadi al-Jizl
    -Wadi al-Aqiq
  4. Wadi Rabigh
  5. Wadi Fāţimah
  6. Wadi Sa‘dīyah
  7. Wadi al-Līth
  8. Wadi Idam

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Syrian Desert

  1. Wadi Saba
  2. Wadi Fajr
  3. Wadi as Sirhan
  4. Wadi al-Mirah
  5. Wadi Hamir
  6. Wadi Ar’ar
  7. Wadi al Batin


  1. Wadi Al-Rummah
    -Wadi Al-Batin
    -Wadi al Jarīr
  2. Wadi ar Rishā’
  3. Wadi Hanifa
  4. Wadi ad-Dawasir
    -Wadi Bishah
    -Wadi Tathlith
  5. Wadi Habawnah
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