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Major Rivers In South Sudan


List Of Major Rivers In South Sudan

  1. Abara River
  2. Achwa
  3. Adar River
  4. Agwei River
  5. Akobo River
  6. Bahr el Ghazal River
  7. Bahr el Naam River
  8. Bahr el Zeraf
  9. Baro River
  10. Daga River
  11. Jikawo River
  12. Jur River
  13. Kangen River
  14. Kibish River
  15. Kidepo River
  16. Kiir River
  17. Kongkong River
  18. Koss River
  19. Kuru River
  20. Lol River
  21. Lotilla River
  22. Medikiret River
  23. Pibor River
  24. Pongo River
  25. Sobat River
  26. Sopo River
  27. Veveno River
  28. Wau River
  29. White Nile
  30. Yabus River

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