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Major Rivers In Sudan


Major Rivers In Sudan And Their Length

Rank Major Rivers Total Length
1 Nile 4,258 miles (shared with 10 other countries)
2 White Nile 2,299 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
3 Blue Nile 901 miles (shared with Ethiopia)
4 Atbarah 500 miles (shared with Ethiopia)
5 Bahr al-Arab 497 miles (shared with South Sudan)
6 Barka 398 miles (shared with Eritrea)
7 Tekeze 378 miles (shared with Ethiopia and Eritrea)
8 Dinder 300 miles (shared with Ethiopia)
9 Mareb 273 miles (shared with Ethiopia and Eritrea)
10 Angereb 137 miles (shared with Ethiopia)

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