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Major Rivers In Tanzania


Some of Africa’s mightiest rivers are found in Tanzania. The Rufiji is the longest wholly within its borders.

See Major Rivers In Tanzania and their length

Rank Major Rivers Total Length
1 Nile 4,258 miles (shared with 10 other countries)
2 Congo 2,920 miles (shared with 9 other countries)
3 White Nile 2,299 miles (shared with 5 other countries)
4 Zambezi 1,599 miles (shared with 8 other countries)
5 Ruvuma 497 miles (shared with Mozambique)
6 Rufiji 373 miles
7 Pangani 311 miles
8 Wami 304 miles
9 Great Ruaha 295 miles
10 Malagarasi 295 miles (shared with Burundi)

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