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Major Rivers In Ukraine


Major Rivers In Ukraine

Rank Major Rivers Total Length
1 Danube 1,777 miles (shared with 8 other countries)
2 Dnieper 1,423 miles (shared with Belarus and Russia)
3 Dniester 846 miles (shared with Moldova)
4 Desna 702 miles (shared with Russia)
5 Siverskyi Donets 654 miles (shared with Russia)
6 Tisza 600 miles (shared with Hungary, Romania, Serbia, and Slovakia)
7 Prut 592 miles (shared with Moldova and Romania)
8 Southern Bug (Pivdennyy Buh) 501 miles
9 Western Bug (Zakhidnyy Buh) 480 miles (shared with Belarus and Poland)
10 Seym 465 miles (shared with Russia)

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