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INEC Nigeria

The Independent National Electoral Commission was established on 5thAugust, 1998 by Decree No. 17 of that year by the Federal Military Government. The law behind its creation is found in Section 153 of the 1999 Constitution. Let us consider the functions of the INEC.

Functions Of INEC
INEC perform the following functions:

Conduct elections to elective offices except those of Local Government Areas of the thirty six (36) States of the Federation;
Compile and maintain the register of voters;
Conduct any referendum required in line with the 1999 Constitution or any other Act of the National Assembly;
Promote knowledge of sound democratic election processes;
Conduct voter and civic education;
Delimit electoral constituencies;
Register and de-register political parties;
Monitor the organization and operations of all political parties;
Arrange for annual examination and auditing of the finances of political parties;
Monitor the campaigns of political parties;
Carry out recall proceedings where electors can remove an elected representative in State or National Assembly from office if they are not satisfied with the representative’s performance;
Provide rules and guidelines for the operation and conduct of political parties.

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