Mopa Muro L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Agbafogun Ward

(5 Polling Booths )
Aiyeteju a.c.s.s. amuro (PU: 22/13/09/004)
Aiyeteju lgea/ecwa school (PU: 22/13/09/001)
Aiyeteju old market area (PU: 22/13/09/002)
Aiyeteju under whistling pan (PU: 22/13/09/003)
Open space, aiyefeju (PU: 22/13/09/005)

Aiyedayo/aiyedaro Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Aiyedayo village lgea school (PU: 22/13/08/002)
Aiyedayo village market square (PU: 22/13/08/001)
Aiyedero market square (PU: 22/13/08/003)
Iloke lgea school iloke (PU: 22/13/08/004)

Aiyede/okagi Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Aiyede kajola market aiyede (PU: 22/13/10/004)
Aiyede lgea school, aiyede (PU: 22/13/10/003)
Okegada aiyede market okegada (PU: 22/13/10/001)
Okegada lgea school, okegada (PU: 22/13/10/002)

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Ileteju – 1 Ward

(7 Polling Booths )
Ilaro-ileteju furniture frontage (PU: 22/13/03/006)
Ileteju by chief magistrates court (PU: 22/13/03/001)
Ileteju gra (PU: 22/13/03/004)
Ileteju old market road idi-ogbagba (PU: 22/13/03/007)
Ileteju open space opp. lgea bap. school (PU: 22/13/03/003)
Ileteju open space opp. lgea baptist school (PU: 22/13/03/002)
Ileteju pandaya market (PU: 22/13/03/005)

Illeteju – 2 Ward

(5 Polling Booths )
Enugbo ecwa lgea school (PU: 22/13/04/003)
Ijagbe lgea sch. ijagbe (PU: 22/13/04/005)
Okebukun (PU: 22/13/04/002)
Okebukun open space by public well (PU: 22/13/04/001)
Sabo open space (PU: 22/13/04/004)

Odole – 1 Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Odole mopa oja-oba frontage (PU: 22/13/01/004)
Odole mopa okediyeye sign board (PU: 22/13/01/001)
Odole mopa shade by okedagun signboard (PU: 22/13/01/003)
Odole mopa yeke signboard (PU: 22/13/01/002)

Odole – 2 Ward

(4 Polling Booths )
Adogbe shade by fish store (PU: 22/13/02/002)
Adogbe-surulere (PU: 22/13/02/003)
Ileteju gra (PU: 22/13/02/004)
Open space, bareke (PU: 22/13/02/001)

Okeagi/ilai Ward

(6 Polling Booths )
Aiyegunle-okeagi lgea sch. (PU: 22/13/05/003)
Ilai village lgea sch. (PU: 22/13/05/001)
Ilai village open space i (PU: 22/13/05/002)
Okeagi lgea sch. okeagi (PU: 22/13/05/004)
Okeagi, open space (PU: 22/13/05/005)
Open space, ilai village ii (PU: 22/13/05/006)

Orokere Ward

(8 Polling Booths )
Alefere (PU: 22/13/06/003)
Open space, by aiyede settlers effo (PU: 22/13/06/008)
Orokere bus stop area (PU: 22/13/06/001)
Orokere lgea sch. t. effo (PU: 22/13/06/004)
Orokere lgea school in effo (PU: 22/13/06/005)
Orokere old site (PU: 22/13/06/007)
Orokere police station frontage (PU: 22/13/06/002)
Orokere, open space along takete road (PU: 22/13/06/006)

Takete idde/otafun Ward

(5 Polling Booths )
Near takete-ide court premises (PU: 22/13/07/003)
Okegada amuro market okegada (PU: 22/13/07/001)
Otafun village open space (PU: 22/13/07/005)
Takete-ide lgea school takete (PU: 22/13/07/002)
Takete-ide open space (PU: 22/13/07/004)


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