National Anthem Of Armenia

Mer hayrenik’, Azat, Ankakh,
Vor aprel eh tareh tar,
Yoor vordik’e ard kanchum eh Azat,
Ankakh Hayastan.

Aha’, yeghpayr, kez mi drosh,
Vor im dzerkov gortsetsi,
Gishernere yes koon cheghah,
Artasukov lvatsi.

Nayir nran yerek guynov,
Nvirakan mer nshan,
Togh poghpoghi t’shnamu dem,
Togh misht pandsah Hayastan.

Amenayn tegh mah’e mi eh,
Mard mi angam pit merni,
Bayts yerani ovr yur azgi
Azatutyan k’e zohvi.

English Translation

Our fatherland, free and independent,

That lived from century to century

His children are calling

Free independent Armenia.

(repeat previous two lines)

Here brother, for you a flag,

That I made with my hands

Nights I didn’t sleep,

With tears I washed it.

(repeat previous two lines)

Look at it, 3 colours

It’s our gifted symbol.

Let it shine against the enemy.

Let Armenia always be glorius.

(repeat previous two lines)

Everywhere death is the same

Everyone dies only once

But lucky is the one

Who is sacrificed for his nation.

(repeat previous two lines)

(repeat first verse)

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