National Anthem Of Cambodia

Heaven protects our King
And gives him happiness and glory
To reign over our souls and our destinies,
The one being, heir of the Sovereign builders,
Guiding the proud old Kingdom.

Temples are asleep in the forest,
Remembering the splendour of Moha Nokor.
Like a rock the Khamer race is eternal.
Let us trust in the fate of Campuchea,
The empire which challenges the ages.

Songs rise up from the pagodas
To the glory of holy buddhistic faith.
Let us be faithful to our ancestors’ belief.
Thus heaven will lavish its bounty
Towards the ancient Khmer country, the Moha Nokor.

Som pouk tepda rak sa moha khsath yeung
Oy ben roung roeung doy chey monkol srey soursdey
Yeung Khnom preah ang som chrok Krom molup preah Baromey
Ney preah Noropdey vong Khsattra del sang preah sat thm­r
Kroup Kraung dèn Khmer borann thkoeung thkann.

Prasath séla kombang kan dal prey
Kuor oy sr­may noeuk d­l yuos sak Moha Nokor
Cheat Khmer dauch Thmar kong vong n­y l­ar rung peung chom hor.
Yeung sang Khim por pheap preng samnang robuos Kampuchea.
Moha r­th koeut mien you ang veanh hey.

Kroup vath aram lu tè so sap thoeur
Sot doy am no rom lik koun poth sasna
Chol yeung chea neak thioeur thiak smos smak tam bep donnta
Kong tè thévoda nùng chuoy chrom chrèng phkot phkang pra yoch oy
Dol prateah Khmer chea Moha Nokor

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