National Anthem Of Morocco

Here is the lyrics of the National Anthem Of Morocco

Morocco National Anthem Lyrics



Latin Transliteration

Manbit Allahrah

Masriq Alanwar

Munta da Alsu dad Wahamah

Dumt Muntadah Wahamah

Isht Filawtan

Lilala Unwan

Mil Kull Janaaan

Thikr Kull Lisan

Bilrooh Biljasad

Habba Fataak

Labbaa Nidaak

Fi Fammee Wa

Fi Dammee

Hawaak Thar

Noor Wa Naar

Ikhwatee Hayyaa

Lilala Saayeea

Nushid Addunya

Anna Huna Nuhayya

Bisha aar Allah

AlWatan AlMalek.


Fountain of Freedom, Source of Light

Where sovereignty and safety meet,

Safety and sovereignty may you ever combine!

You have lived among nations with title sublime,

Filling each heart, sung by each tongue,

Your champion has risen and answered your call.

In my mouth and in my blood

Your breezes have stirred both light and fire.

Up! my brethren, strive for the highest.

We call to the world that we are here ready.

We salute as our emblem

God, Homeland, and King.

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