National Anthem Of Sudan

Original Arabic Transliteration English Translation
نحن جند الله جند الوطن
إن دعى داعي الفداء لم نخن
نتحدى الموت عند المحن
نشتري المجد بأغلى ثمن
هذه الأرض لنا
فليعيش سوداننا
علماً بين الأمم
يا بني السودان هذا رمزكـم
يحمل العبء و يحمي أرضكم

National Anthem Of Sudan In English

We are the soldiers of God, the soldiers of our homeland,
We never fail when called for sacrifice.
Death, we defy at adversity.
Glory, we buy with the highest price.
This land is ours.
May, our Sudan, live long, an edifice among the nations,
O Sons of the Sudan, this is your symbol,
which shoulders your burden and shields your land.

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