National Flag Of Andorra : Details And Meaning

Full Name: Principality of Andorra
Capital: Andorra la Vella
Phone code: +376
TLD: .ad
Region: Europe


Andorra Flag History:
The national flag of Andorra was adopted in 1866. Previous to 1866 the flag consisted of a yellow left half and a red right half. The blue color bar was added and this addition meant both France and Spain were represented with two colors in Andorra’s flag (red and blue for France; and red and yellow for Spain). The Principality of Andorra is a small landlocked principality in southwestern Europe, located between France and Spain.

Interesting Andorra Flag Facts:
There are also versions of the Andorra flag without the coat of arms.

Various other versions of the Andorra flag have shown up throughout history, such as one in a 1952 Italian dictionary which showed the Andorra flag as having a crown, instead of a coat of arms, and with horizontal stripes instead of vertical.

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Andorra Flag Description:
The Andorra flag is made up of vertical bars, running left to right. The vertical bars are blue, yellow and red with the coat of arms in the center. There are two versions of the Andorra coat of arms – the French coat of arms and the Spanish coat of arms – due to the political situation in the country.


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