National Flag Of Bangladesh : Details And Meaning

Bangladesh Flag history

Full Name: People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Capital: Dhaka
Phone code: +880
TLD: .bd
Region: Asia

When India was divided by British into India and Pakistan, the Muslim-majority Pakistan comprised two geographically and culturally separate areas to the east and the west with India in between. Soon, the affluent West Pakistan began exploiting East Pakistan economically and refused to share political power with it. The resulting Bangladesh Liberation War led to the independence of East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh. Dhaka University was the nucleus of the Liberation War. A group of students, including Kazi Aref Ahmed, ASM Abdur Rab, Shahjahan Siraj, Manirul Islam (Marshal Moni), Swapan Kumar Choudhury, Quamrul Alam Khan (Khasru), Hasanul Haq Inu and Yousuf Salahuddin Ahmed, assembled in the room 116 of Iqbal Hall (now Sergeant Zahurul Haq hall) of Dhaka University on 6 June 1970 and put together a flag for the Liberation War. It was a bottle green flag representing the country’s greenery with its youthfulness with a blood red, blazing sun at the center symbolising the sacrifices and bloodshed of freedom fighters and those killed by the occupying force. A map of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was first traced on a tracing paper from an atlas by Hasanul Haq Inu, Yousuf Salahuddin Ahmed and Enamul Haq.
Once the design was finalised, they procured cloth from the Apollo cloth shop of Dhaka Khaddar Market and got the first flag of Bangladesh stitched. Shibnarayan Das, then President of Comilla Chatra League, took the responsibility of painting the map inside the sun in golden yellow.

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On 2 March 1971, the flag was hoisted in Bangladesh for the first time at Dhaka University, by student leader A. S. M. Abdur Rab, the then Vice President of Dhaka University Students’ Union.
On January 13, 1972, renowned Artist Quamrul Hassan redesigned the flag by removing the map as the contortion of Bangladesh’s southern islands made it very difficult to place the map inside the red circle. The red disk was slightly moved towards the hoist so that it appears centred when the flag is flying

The national flag of Bangladesh pronounced  was adopted officially on 17 January 1972. It consists of a red disc on top of a green field, offset slightly toward the hoist so that it appears centred when the flag is flying. The red disc represents the sun rising over Bengal, and also the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh. The green field stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh.

The flag is based on a similar flag used during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which had a yellow map of the country inside the red disc. In 1972 this map was removed from the flag. One reason given was the difficulty for rendering the map correctly on both sides of the flag. The civil ensign and naval ensign place it in the canton of a red or white field, respectively

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