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National Flag Of Central African Republic : Details And Meaning


Full Name: Central African Republic
Capital: Bangui
Phone code:+236
TLD: .cf
Region: Africa

Central African Republic flag colors meaning
Red symbolizes the blood spilled in the struggle for independence and represents the common blood of all humankind
Blue stands for the sky and freedom and represents limitless opportunities
White symbolizes the peace, purity, equality, candour and dignity
Green symbolizes the hope and faith and represents the forests of the nation
Yellow symbolizes the tolerance and represents the savannas of the nation
Red vertical stripe symbolizes the solidarity between Europeans and Africans as it connects the Pan-African colors (red, yellow, and green) with French flag colors (blue, white, and red)
Yellow star symbolizes the independence and represents the country’s aspiration towards a vibrant future

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Central African Republic flag history

The nation was the French colony of Ubangi-Shari (Oubangui-Chari), and after it won independence, the first prime minister, Barthélemy Boganda, renamed it the ‘Central African Republic’ and designed its national flag. The flag of the Central African Republic was adopted by the Legislative Assembly on 1 December 1958. At the time it was introduced, Boganda stated in the national Legislative Assembly that “Those colours, which symbolize the four territories constituting the French Equatorial Africa but also our guide territory, the Metropolitan France, came out of my heart. The red stripe which crosses the four colours is the symbol of our blood. As we did it when France was in danger, we shall shed our blood for Africa and to protect the Central African Republic, member of the French Community.”

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