Home Country National Flag Of Curacao : Details And Meaning

National Flag Of Curacao : Details And Meaning

Full Name: Country of Curacao
Capital: Willemstad
Phone code: +599-9
TLD: .cw
Region: America

The flag of Curacao is blue, with a yellow horizontal stripe slightly below the midline, and two white stars in the upper left corner.

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The flag of Curaçao incorporates two horizontal blue stripes: the upper and larger blue stripe symbolizes the sky, and the lower and smaller one represents the loyalty of the people and the sea that surrounds the island. The yellow (and smallest) stripe, situated between the two blue ones, is a reminder of the bright sunshine that characterizes the island and the happy nature of the people. The five points on the two stars suggest the five continents from which, over the years, people have immigrated to Curaçao. The white stars stand for peace and happiness, essential goals of the people of the island.

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