National Flag Of Iceland : Details And Meaning

The national flag of Iceland consists of a dark blue background on which rests a red Scandinavian cross and its edges are white. The dimensions of this flag are 18:25 and are the emblem of the nation since it became independent on June 17, 1944.


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Iceland Flag History

The national flag Iceland is following the design of the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish flags, in which also appears the cross with upright moved towards the edge that is closest to the mast, that is to say, the Scandinavian cross. The flag of Iceland differs from the flag of Norway only because it has the colors inverted.Einar Benediktsson was the one who designed the blue flag on which was the white cross which was called “Hvitblainn” or “La Blanquiazul” which was first implemented in the year 1897.


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