National Flag Of Jamaica : Details And Meaning

Full Name: Jamaica
Capital: Kingston
Phone code: +1-876
TLD: .jm
Region: America
The Jamaica national flag consists of three colors – black, green and yellow, which are divided by an “X” that dominates the whole design.

Jamaica Flag Meaning

The meaning of the national flag of Jamaica was adopted by the first inhabitants of the island of Jamaica, denominated arahuacos. These individuals called the island Xaymaca, who’s most literal meaning is “land of forests and waters “, which was later adopted as the name of the official flag of the island.

Jamaica Flag History

The national flag of Jamaica was adopted the 6 of August of 1962 that was the day of the independence of the country. It is made up of green, yellow (gold) and black. The black symbolizes the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people, the yellow in the light of the sun and the natural wealth of the country. In the national flag of Jamaica the green represents hope in the future and agricultural wealth.

National Flag of All Countries: Details And Meaning

The strips: The two golden strips represent the bright Jamaican sun and the hope of the country for the future.

The Green Triangles: Green means the Jamaican welfare of agricultural resources, such as bauxite, sugar and coffee.

Black triangles: Strength and creativity are transmitted with the black color on the Jamaican flag. Jamaicans are considered strong after suffering as slaves in the hands of the British in the 1940s and their separation with Britain in 1962.

Navy flag (flag of war) is a colored cloth white which contains the national flag in the upper quadrant nearest the mast. Follow the design of the flag of the Royal Navy which is known as “white insignia

The Jamaican flag has two gold strips that cross in the middle forming an “X”. At the top and bottom, the triangles are bright green. On the sides, the triangles are black. The theme of the flag is “Difficulties exist, but the earth is green and the sun shines”


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