National Flag Of Kuwait : Details And Meaning

Full Name:State of Kuwait
Capital:Kuwait City
Phone Code:+965

The flag of Kuwait was officially adopted on September 71961,the traditional Pan-Arab colours of black, green, red and white are used on the flag. Black symbolizes defeat of the country’s enemies; green symbolizes the fertility of the land; red is symbolic of the enemies’ bloodshed, and white represents purity.

The colours are inspired by a poem written in the 13th century by Ṣafī ad-Dīn al-Ḥilli (green fields of the Arabs… the black battles they face… the white purity of their deeds, and the red blood on their swords)


The black on the flag represents the defeat of the enemy
The red symbolizes the blood on the sword of Kuwait
White symbolizes purity
Green represents the fertile lands of Kuwait.

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