National Flag Of Kyrgyzstan : Details And Meaning

Full Name:Kyrgyz Republic
Phone Code:+996

The flag of Kyrgyzstan consists of a red field charged with a yellow sun that contains a depiction of a yurt (traditional tent). It is actually a depiction of the first thing one sees when waking up in a yurt; namely the construction of the pinnacle of every Kyrgyz yurt with 3 criss crossing laths across the circular opening at the top of the yurt. Adopted in 1992 – just over seven months after the country’s independence was declared – to replace the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), it has been the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic since that year. Although the colour of the flag is identical to the former Soviet flag, the red is said to be inspired by the pennant lifted by Manas, the country’s folk hero.


Red symbolizes the bravery and valor
Forty rays of the sun stand for the forty Kyrgyz tribes united by Manas, the national hero of Kyrgyzstan, to fight against the Mongols
the red ring crossed by two sets of three lines symbolizes a “tunduk” – the crown of a traditional Kyrgyz yurt and represents the heritage of Kyrgyz people
the sun symbolizes peace and prosperity

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