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National Flag Of Lithuania : Details And Meaning


Full Name: Republic of Lithuania
Capital: Europe
Phone code:Vilnius
TLD: +370
Region: lt

The flag of Lithuania consists of a horizontal tricolour of yellow, green and red. It was re-adopted on March 20, 1989, almost a year before the re-establishment of Lithuania’s independence and almost three years before the collapse of the Soviet Union.It was first used in Lithuania’s first period of independence (in the 20th century) from 1918 to 1940, which ceased with the occupation first by Soviet Russia and Lithuania’s illegal annexation into the Soviet Union, and then by Nazi Germany (1941–44). During the post-World War II Soviet occupation, from 1945 until 1989, the Soviet Lithuanian flag consisted first of a generic red Soviet flag with the name of the republic, then changed to the red flag with white and green bars at the bottom. The last alteration to the current flag occurred in 2004

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