National Flag Of Macedonia : Details And Meaning

Full Name:Republic of Macedonia
Phone code:+389

The national flag of the Republic of Macedonia depicts a stylised yellow sun on a red field, with eight broadening rays extending from the centre to the edge of the field. It was created by Prof. Miroslav Grčev and was adopted on 5 October 1995 after a one-year economic blockade imposed by Greece in order to force the Republic of Macedonia to remove the Vergina Sun, a symbol from the gravesite of the ancient Kings of Macedon from the flag, as Greece considered it a Greek symbol. The new eight-rayed sun represents “the new sun of Liberty” referred to in the national anthem of the Republic of Macedonia, Denes nad Makedonija

So, When the modern Macedonian state was proclaimed a gold-edged five-pointed red star centered on a red field was presented by ASNOM. But soon after that its designed was changed as Macedonia became part of Yugoslavia. And as a part of Yugoslavia, Macedonia was the only region not to use the Pan-Slavic colors ( Red, Blue, White). Its flag was red with a gold-edged five-pointed red star in the canton.

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However, at independence in 1992, Macedonia retained the red flag but added a gold star in a gold sun which soon changed to the “Star of Vergina” an ancient Macedonia emblem from the tomb of Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander the Great.

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