National Flag Of Maldives : Details And Meaning

Full Name:Republic of Maldives
Capital: Male
Phone Code:+960

The flag of the Republic of Maldives is green with a red border. The centre bears a vertical white crescent; the closed side of the crescent is on the hoist side of the flag. It was adopted on 25 July 1965.

The red rectangle represents the boldness of the nation’s heroes, and their willingness to sacrifice their every drop of blood in defence of their country. The green rectangle in the centre symbolises peace and prosperity. The white crescent moon symbolises the Islamic faith.

The national flag has its opening facing the hoist side while the state flag’s crescent faces the opposite direction. In 1953 to 1965, Maldives was made a republic and the flag has undergone another change. The national flag ceased to be used and the new flag featured a five pointed white star besides the crescent moon.

When the sultanate reign was reinstated in 1954, the flag was not altered back but Muhammad Fareed Didi, the last sultan of Maldives made the flag particularly for the sultan and today; this design of the flag is still the Presidential Standard. In 1965, Maldives became independent and the striped hoist was eliminated and this is the current flag used by the country.

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 Red represents heroes who have sacrificed their lives in defense of their country
 Green symbolizes peace and prosperity
 White crescent stands for Islam, Maldives’ national religion

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