Home Country National Flag Of Namibia : Details And Meaning

National Flag Of Namibia : Details And Meaning


Full Name:Republic of Namibia
Capital: Windhoek
Phone Code:+264
Region: Africa

The flag of Namibia was adopted on March 21, 1990 upon independence from South Africa.

The main colours were taken from the flag of the South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO), the most important liberation movement in Namibia. That flag was adopted in 1971 and comprises diagonal stripes of blue-red-green. The flag also represents the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance, another Namibian political party. The gold 12 pointed sun, represents life and energy.

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a wide red stripe edged by narrow white stripes divides the flag diagonally from lower hoist corner to upper fly corner; the upper hoist-side triangle is blue and charged with a yellow, 12-rayed sunburst; the lower fly-side triangle is green; red signifies the heroism of the people and their determination to build a future of equal opportunity for all; white stands for peace, unity, tranquility, and harmony; blue represents the Namibian sky and the Atlantic Ocean, the country’s precious water resources and rain; the yellow sun denotes power and existence; green symbolizes vegetation and agricultural resources


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