National Flag Of Paraguay : Details And Meaning

Full Name:Republic of Paraguay
Capital: Asuncion
Phone Code:+595

The flag of Paraguay (Spanish: bandera de Paraguay) was first adopted in 1842. Its design, a red–white–blue triband, was inspired by the colours of the French flag, believed to signify independence and liberty. The flag is unusual because it differs on its obverse and reverse sides: the obverse of the flag shows the national coat of arms, and the reverse shows the seal of the treasury. It was revised in 2013 to bring the flag towards its original design.

National Flag of All Countries: Details And Meaning

The national flag was adopted in 1842, the purpose behind the colours of the flag is to inspire from the French revolution and the sacrifices they made for liberty. The coat of arms depicts as the symbol of long-lasting independence of Paraguay. Before the national flag was finalized, the first national flag that was adopted in 1811 was coloured navy blue with a six-pointed star on the top left corner. The second provisional flag was a tricolour consisting of green, white, and blue colours from top to bottom adopted in 1811. The third provisional flag was adopted from 1811 to 1812 and had maroon, golden, and navy blue colours from top to bottom.

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