National Flag Of Sweden : Details And Meaning

Full Name: Kingdom of Sweden
Capital: Stockholm
Phone code: +46
TLD: .se
Region: Europe
The national flag of Sweden was probably inspired by the old Nordic flag – the Danish Dannebrog. The yellow cross on the blue background, reaches the edges of the flag and his shorter arm is closer to the left side of the flag. The characteristic yellow and blue color probably has its origin in the 14th century, when the Swedish coat of arms was created with three gold crowns on a blue background. The national flag of Sweden has been used since 1521 and became very popular during the reign of Gustavo Vasa. At that time, the yellow cross had to be represented in each cocard and battalion. However, the flag in its present form was not adopted until 1906.

Sweden Flag Meaning

In the national flag of Sweden the yellow represents generosity and elevation of mind.

Blue represents truth and loyalty.

Sweden Flag History

According to the world’s flags, the chronological order of the Swedish flag is unknown. Its antiquity dates from the 16th century, and the design may have been influenced by the Danish flag. In 1569 the king issued a decree that the yellow cross must appear on all standard and Swedish flags, there is no evidence of blue and yellow design of the current already used in 1620. However, this project has not been officially adopted as the national flag of Sweden, until June 22, 1906. The cross of the Swedish flag is the Scandinavian cross. The Scandinavian cross is out of center, with its vertical bar more towards the elevator, or to the left of the flag. According to the world’s flags, the cross represents Scandinavian Swedish connections are passed to other Scandinavian countries, such as neighboring Denmark and Norway.

Flag Day in Sweden is celebrated each year on June 6. According to writer Cari Simmons in his article, “Swedish National Day takes shape,” Flag Day became known as Sweden’s National Day in 1983. June 6 marks the coronation of Gustav Wasa in 1523 and the new Constitution in 1809, according to Simmons. And it only became a holiday in 2005 to foster patriotism in Sweden. Traditions

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