Nigeria Fertilizer Policy

Low manure utilize is pronounced to be among the numerous purposes behind low farming efficiency in Nigeria. Manure application, assessed at 13 kg/ha in 2009 by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, is far lower than the 200 kg/ha suggested by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). This report audits the status of the manure area in Nigeria based on an exhaustive outline of existing writing on Nigeria, gives an account of late review comes about, and scientific work led by IFPRI in Nigeria under the Global Food Security Response (GFSR) activity of the USAID. It blends the discoveries on enter manure issues in Nigeria, concentrating on the request and supply condition, the pretended by appropriations, the administrative condition, and the utilization of the vouchers framework to help compost dissemination. A key finding is that the substantial accentuation on value sponsorship to the disservice of different methodologies, for example, integral activities to enhance farmers manure utilize procedures, has hampered advertise improvement. Three arrangement suggestions emerge from this report. In the first place, the underlying advance the legislature should take ought to be to dispense with the presence of double manure advertises by setting up the primal part of the private segment in compost generation, acquirement and dispersion. Second, the administration should look for approach dependability by lessening the recurrence of government mediation in inclination to building limit in the private part to deal with all levels of the manure esteem chain exercises. At long last, it ought to give a reasonable task of checking and administrative parts, which are required at each phase of manure creation (counting mixing) and dispersion with a more extensive reach of administrative exercises at peri-urban and provincial markets.

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